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AUGUSTUS CAESER 1 Augustus Caesar’s life was a rather action packed life, and the fact that he has a lot of military, and political experience also helps in his ruling as roman Emperor. From being put into the heir by the emperor, to his death bed he has had an interesting child hood, the formation of the second triumvirate , and death with consequences.

Being referred to as Octavian, he was the son of Atia. Atia was the Niece of Julius Caesar. After his father died as the senator, which led to Julius adopting him. As a child he had many health issues and frequently struggled to stay healthy. He was educated in Politics and the matters of Military, which eventually led to him on the verge of joining Julius’s Army. However, Julius Caesar was indeed assassinated in 44 BC, which put him next in line as the correct heir. This led him to later on change his name from Octavian to Augustus. Not much is known about Octavian's first two wives. Claudia was the step-daughter of Marc Antony. Octavian divorced her and married Scribonia, daughter of Lucius Scribonius Libo, in 40 B.C. He married his third and final wife Livia in 39 B.C. She already had one son, Tiberius, and was pregnant with her second, Drusus, when she met Augustus. They were married for 51 years and had one daughter, Julia, together. Julius went on to rule for a very long time, and became one of the most respected Emperors of his time.


After Julius’s death, Power struggles in Rome were a very common thing and needed to be put to a stop. This is why the second triumvirate was created (An alliance between the following). It contained Octavian, Marc Anthony, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. It was created to Maintain political control and provide mutual protection and aid…...

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