Hot Sunny Day

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Hot Sunny Day
One Sunday morning, hot, and humid sunny day. I woke up, because the sun hits my eyes, and because of that, my window shade fall off. Clearly, I could see it was on my dirty floor. There was a rat sleeping on it. I didn't plan to move the rat, because I was so tried that I couldn't move. I was sitting on the edge of my bed. I stared out at the wall for at less an hour. Then I looked down. As I'm moving down with my eyes. My eyes were so slow that I felt that I'm like a robot.
When I tried to get myself up, as I moved away from the edge of the bed. My boxer was like a glue, clinching onto my bed sheet. I would had to use some muscle in order to get it off. It was tricky because my body was sweaty and sticky. I got it off, then I found out that my bed sheet has a yellow mark where I just sat on. It was yellow and it smelled bad. It smelled like a dirty swamp. I almost punk but, I held in. I got into the bathroom.
The moment I opened the door, I jumped because there was a girl who was half naked with her head sticking into the toilet. The floor was covered in blood and the sink as well. I had no idea what was going on. I closed the door awkwardly and said, “Please take your…...

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