How Capitalism Will Save Us

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Why Free People and Free Markets

Are the Best Answer is Today's Economy







W h y Free People and Free Markets A r e t h e Best A n s w e r i n Today's E c o n o m y

Steve Forbes



Power Ambition Glory (coauthored with John Prevas) Flat Tax Revolution A New Birth of Freedom

To the millions of individuals whose energy, innovation, and resilience built the Real World economy. Their enterprise, when unleashed, is always the answer.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Forbes, Steve, 1947How capitalism will save us / Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames.—1st ed. p. cm.

Includes index. 1. Capitalism—United States. 2. United States—Economic policy. 3. United States—Economic conditions. I. Ames, Elizabeth. II. Title. HB501.F646 2009 330.12'20973—dc22 2009032751

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First Edition



W h y Capitalism Is the Answer: The iPod Economy • i

"Is Capitalism Moral?" • 29

"Isn't Capitalism Brutal?" • 66

"Aren't the Rich Getting Richer at Other People's Expense?" • 108

"Aren't Higher Taxes the Price We Pay for a Humane Society?" • 1 4 2

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