How to Improve Parenting Skills

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How to improve parenting skills
Do you think parenting skills will destroy a child’s life? Yes, the young generation of the day are always getting in trouble from day to day for example cybercrime, discipline problem, playing truant at shopping mall or cybercafé. Parents should have the responsibility to take care and teach their children. Parenting is very important for mental and physical development of the young generation. So, parents should be required to improve their parenting skills by spending quality time with their children, playing a vital role and are banned from smacking their children.
Firstly, parents should spend more quality time with their children. According to Porpora (2012), “Oftentimes parents fail to be actively engaging with their children”. This is because their children stay with the babysitters or day-cares more to with their parents especially when their parents are at work. Considering this, parent must be involved in a schedule which includes children’s time with parents. The parents can plan the daily timetables carry out some activities with their children. For example, their parents can tell the bedtime story or can make the cookies together with their children (Hoch, 2012). Consequently, spending time with children is one of the ways to improve parenting skills.
Furthermore, parents have to play a vital role in their children’s life. Parents should shape their children to avoid falling into unhealthy practices (Bernama, 2012).This is because children are just like a piece of white paper. Whatever parents do will be influence their children to learn their actions. If parents fail to be a good role model, children will become confused and might rely on their peers or other people which could expose them to negative elements. Consequently, according to Pin (2012), “Effective parenting comes with plenty of love, sacrifice, effort,…...

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