How to Jump Serve

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How To Jump Serve

One of the most dramatic skills in modern volleyball that has become a dangerous offensive weapon, is the jump serve. The player starts about a couple of feet to a couple of meters behind the serving line (the line at the end of the court) and starts their dynamics to make the serve possible.
It is generally agreed that most of the jump servers are outside hitter, right side hitters, or possibly even the setters. Being hitters gives a huge advantage to jump serving; they are typically the ones who know how hard to hit the ball, and where to contact. That allows them to produce very high impact and produce very high velocities that are difficult to return.
The jump serve has many similarities to the spike itself. The player strikes the ball with maximum force at the peak of its jump, and tries to place it so the opposing team cannot return it clearly. It has been determined that between 3 to 5 steps this serve is possible.
Today im going to show you how to complete the serve in 5 steps.

What You’ll Need

1. Volleyball Court

2. Volleyball Net

3. Players

4. Volleyball


1. Position yourself - meaning take the ball behind the serving line far enough to take your approach

2. Look at the positions on the court - meaning look for the weak passers or holes on the opposite side of the floor

3. Start with your right foot forward if you are right handed and if left handed start with your left foot forward

4. Now depending on which jump serve you want to do (half or whole)
Whole: toss the ball up with either right hand, left hand, or both, then take your approach (left, right, left) or (right left right)
Half: Do your approach (left, right, left) or (right, left, right) then toss the ball up

5. Reach and hit the ball at its peak.

Advice for Success…...

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