How to Use and Apply Spss

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How to Use and Apply SPSS
Version 15.0 for Windows

This mini guide/ walkthrough is for SPSS 15.0 for Windows and was written in the Summer of 2010. If there are any changes/updates that apply afterwards, this document will not address them. Additionally, if a previous version (pre 15.0) is being used, this document might not fully apply. This said, the concepts behind what is being explained should still be the same, so long as the functions of the program remain similar. This guide is intended to give the reader a VERY basic understanding on how to use SPSS. This is also intended to be a crash course type of guide. The length of this document is indicative of how “in depth” this document goes. Furthermore, there is a lot that this document does not mention. If you want to perform a very thorough analysis with very in depth statistics, you can read the SPSS survival manual by Julie Pallant.

Table of Contents * Preparations3 * Getting Started4 * Entering Data7 * Output Window9 * Walkthrough10 * Analysis10 * Graphing10 * Regression13 * Correlation14 * Testing15 * One Sample T-Test 15 * Independent Sample T-Test 17 * Paired Sample T-Test 18 * One Way ANOVA 20 * Hypothesis Testing Crash Course26

Preparations * Know that SPSS is for analyzing data from a statistical researcher’s point of view. The name SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences – SPSS. This means that this program is best suited to comparing data samples or surveys using statistics. Furthermore, this is a very robust program that is much more difficult to use if you do not know statistics very well; it is designed primarily for the researcher or statistician. Essentially, if you need to use this program, you will need to learn basic statistics and its application before using this program.

* Set up a…...

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