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HRM Process: A Traditional view

HRM is a staff function. HRM managers advise line mangers throughout the organization. Furthermore, the company may need more or fewer employees and managers from time to time. The HRM process is an ongoing procedure that tries to keep the organization supplied with the right people in the right positions, when they are needed. The HRM function is especially important given the current trend toward downsizing.
The HRM process includes seven basic activities:
1. Human resources planning is designed to ensure that personnel’s needs will be constantly and appropriately met. It is accomplished through analysis of (a) internal factors, such as current and expected skill needs, vacancies, and departmental expansions and reductions and (b) factors in the environment such as the labor market. The use of computers to build and maintain information about all employees has enabled organizations to be much more efficient in their planning of human resources.
2. Recruitment is concerned with developing a pool of job candidates in line with the human resources plan. Candidates are usually located through newspaper and professional journal advertisements, employment agencies, word of mouth, and visits to college and university campuses.
3. Selection involves using application forms, resumes, interviews, employment and skills tests, and reference checks to evaluate and screen job candidates for the managers who will ultimately select and hire a candidate.
4. Socialization (orientation) is designed to help the selected individuals fit smoothly into the organization. New comers are introduced to their colleagues, acquainted with their responsibilities, and informed about the organization’s culture policies and expectations regarding employee behavior.
5. Training and development both aim to increase employees’ abilities to contribute to…...

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Strategic Hrm is the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance. ‘If a global company is to function successfully, strategies at different levels need to inter-relate.’ 1 ‘An organization’s [human resource management] policies and practices must fit with its strategy in its competitive environment and with the immediate business conditions that it faces.’ 2 ‘The [human resources–business strategy] alignment cannot necessarily be characterized in the logical and sequential way suggested by some writers; rather, the design of an HR system is a complex and iterative process.’ 3 Chapter outline Introduction p.38 Strategic management p.38 Strategic human resource management p.45 Human resource strategy models p.49 Evaluating strategic human resource management and models of human resources strategy p.56 Dimensions of strategic human resource management p.59 International and comparative strategic human resource management p.61 Chapter objectives After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Explain the meaning of strategic management and give an overview of its conceptual framework 2. Describe the three levels of strategy formulation and comment on the links between business strategy and human resource management (HRM) 3. Explain three models of human resources (HR) strategy: control, resource and integrative 4. Comment on the various strategic HRM themes......

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