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Essay 2: Writer’s Checklist for Informational Essay Does my introduction clearly state my thesis and give the reader an indication of the direction my essay will take?
Yes, the very last sentence is my thesis statement. Are my topic sentences and body paragraphs clear and well developed?
Yes, it took me a little time to figure them out. Have I fully supported my thesis with ample supporting details and examples?
Yes I believe the essay backs my thesis pretty good. Have I used a sufficient number and variety of sources in my paper?
I have used at least two from the required sources and two other ones. Are all of my sources properly cited in the body of my paper according to MLA format?
I believe they are done correctly. Does my conclusion effectively summarize my main points and restate my thesis in different words?
Yes it does restate and summarize my main points. Have I carefully proofread and revised my paper for sentence variety, word choice, grammar, and punctuation?
Yes I had some people look it over and help me with corrections. Does my Works Cited page include only the sources cited in the text? Is it correctly formatted?
The works cited page is correct and include all appropriate sources. Have I used the correct margins, line spacing, and other format issues required by the MLA sample essay and the sample provided by my instructor?
Yes, I followed all MLA format requirements.
Michael Strickler
Professor Euken
English 101
01 February 2013

Hunting in America

Hunting is a pastime that helps people become one with nature and frees them from their normal lives. When hunters get the chance to go hunting they are able to go to the woods where they can relax, and clear their minds. Hunting allows one to get back to the outdoors and…...

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...create a breeding enclosure to help stop many soon to be extinct species of animals from dying out. Selling rhino is consistent with their objective and vision. 2. Who are the suppliers of rhino and what was the average selling price of a rhino? The main suppliers of rhino are wildlife parks, provincial, and private sector auctions and the average selling price of a rhino is between $30,000 and $35,000. 3. What is different about selling to a safari company and a hunting company? The difference between selling to a safari company and a hunting company is that a safari companies are far less extravagant with their customers than hunting companies. 4. How does a sale to a hunting and safari company affect the economy? Selling to hunting and safari companies is extremely beneficial to the South African economy. Hunting and safari companies brought in an estimated $6.9 billion in revenues from tourist attractions in 2009. The rhino capture business is very profitable because the cost of hunting rhino is so expensive. 5. What are the driving forces behind poaching? The driving force behind poaching is profit. The sale of rhino horn has great profitability and chance for creating wealth. By the sale of rhino horn being so profitable it has made poaching a large problem. The lack of regard that poaching is illegal seems outweighed by the profit for poachers. 6. How would you reduce poaching? To reduce poaching I would impose a long jail sentence, such......

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...Savageless Many would argue that hunting sends us back to our primitive days when we lived only on the land and everything was used for money. It is actually quite the opposite of what most believe. Hunting is a way of life for some people and the only way we know how to get by. Hunting is by no means savage and is vital to everyday life. Without the hunters in the country we would be over run by animal populations and would have many predatory animals living in suburb communities putting our wellbeing at stake. Many people do not realize how much hunting indirectly influences their way of life. The meat in the grocery store was made in a more savage way than hunting. Slaughter houses are highly inhumane towards aimals. Hunting at least gives the animal free will to do whatever it wants in the wild. At a slaughter house animals have no hope to live any amount of time, but in the wild the animals are able to experience their natural habitat and be happy roaming the woods as they please. Many of the people who are against hunting are not even vegetarians and eat meat from the store and they are completely ignorant to the fact that what they are eating is killed in a horrible savage way. I am in no way saying that eating meat from the store is a bad thing to do, but only that venison is a more humane way of eating. Not only is it more humane its healthier than proccessed meat and has a less chance of carrying harmful bacteria gained from meat proccessors. Not only does the......

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...Hunting It rose up inside of me, the sense of fear was undeniable, as if it were a coiled snake being taunted and ready to strike. The foul, acrid, bitter smell that clung to my nostrils made me gag. Sweat dripped down my back, as my body trembled and my heart beat furiously in my chest. Goosebumps rose, making the hair on my body stand on end. Fear gave way to revulsion as my eyes registered what was in front of me. Bile rose up in my throat. Taking a breath, I forced myself to tear my eyes away from the carnage that seemed to be swallowing me whole, trapping me in its embrace… As I stepped out of the dugout the smell of churned up earth, and excrement filled my nostrils. It smelled bitter, old, decayed and tainted, holding the stench of death along the trench lines. I breathed in, inhaling the cold crisp air of the Ypres making me shiver of what was to come. I could see the sun rising behind the thin veil of morning mist. Silhouettes of comrades’ breath hung in the air, and shadows of men running to and from positions, danced across the trench walls that were as jagged as steel tipped arrows, rising above the height of man like giants breaking the earth’s surface. Small patches of dew covered crevices on the East faces of no-man’s land, glinting in the sunlight like stars in the night sky. I could hear a stream flowing in the distance, water cascading over the rocks, teeming with wildlife, but this was not my place,......

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...Hunting Hunting has been around since before man was even thought of and has evolved ever since. Now only a sport, ounce was a skill used to survive. “Hunting is a natural, ethical, and healthy undertaking” (“History”, par1). Hunting is a way of life without hunting nothing would live that’s why we have a food chain. Herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat herbivores and bigger carnivores eat other carnivores. “Perhaps one of the eldest activities on the face of the planet is hunting” (“History of hunting”, par 1). Hunting has been one of the oldest activities known to mankind. During the first era of hunting men were to learn how to hunt so they could hunt daily and bring food home every night to eat. The women had the roll of staying home and preparing any meal brought in by the men. Unlike today hunting was used as a key to survival, and wasn’t used for sport. Every piece of the animal that was killed was used and nothing was wasted. The men also used hunting to prove who the bravest warrior was. The better of the warriors would hunt the ferocious animals that were found by their home. Several weapons where used from slings to spears made from wood and stone. To hunt bigger prey they would hunt in packs and the only trophies kept where antlers and teeth. And sometimes the skulls where kept for decoration or as symbols of a clan or family. In the second era which was the growth of civilization the roles of men as hunters started to change. Hunting became a task......

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Good Will Hunting

...The two films I am going to get into depth with and compare is The Academy award winning drama Good Will Hunting, and also another Academy award winning film Mrs. Doubtfire, both starring the legend Robin Williams. In both the films Robin Williams plays an important supportive role and proves that he can make a difference. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon also play great lead and supporting roles where we can see the characters grow and have a great motivational connection with one another. Both films give a great theme, with support, family and relationships being a main focus. Each movie has characters going through struggles and later in the end overcoming them. A lot of lessons can be learned in each film, and many people can relate to them. Good Will Hunting has characters who deal with loss, abuse, and lack of self-confidence. Mrs. Doubtfire has family troubles, separation, and trust issues involved as well. Both movies are easily relatable and comparable to each other as well. In both films family and relationships seems to play an important role. In Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon struggles with life and commitment, due to abandonment by the people who were supposed to love him the most. He was severely abused and in adoptive homes, he then preferred to stay as a manual laborer living in a dilapidated house in the Boston neighborhood. Throughout the movie he struggles to find his place in the world by first finding out who he is. He is a genius and could solve math......

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...Good Will Hunting: A Protagonist’s Path to Physiological Fulfillment and What That Teaches Viewers About Success Introduction Good Will Hunting is the touching story of a young man’s struggle to transcend his Dickensian childhood, to discover his place in the world, and to achieve intimacy with others. On some levels the story and the plot of Good Will Hunting, conveys a very fundamental messages to the viewer; that we are all products of our environments and made up of the vast experiences in which we live. However, this movie introduces an extremely complex character whose past is tainted by abuse and abandonment and introduces a character that is both genius in his capability but hindered by his inability to face his brutal upbringing. Character development The most compelling character that Will encounters is Sean, Will’s psychiatrist. What makes the character unique is that Sean too comes from Southey, the rough and tumble neighborhood that Will grew up in. Sean has escaped his past by attending Harvard and graduating as an intellectual. However, Sean is also conflicted, as he has suffered after witnessing the slow death of his wife from cancer. In there first meeting, after Will tells Sean that his painting of a boatman in a storm is a metaphor for his own tumultuous existence after the loss of his true love, Sean responds with violent consternation. Will notes that his therapist has not fully recovered from his past something that draws Will......

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...Why Deer Hunting Is A Good Thing Anthony Krever General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my listeners that deer hunting can be a good thing, and some of the many benefits that it offers. Introduction I. Open with impact a. This is a deer hunter (show picture of someone hunting.) 1.Some people enjoy this sport and want less restrictions on hunting 2. Others Hate hunting and guns in general and want them banned. b. I really enjoy to hunt. 1. I have been deer hunting for 6 years now. And only ever killed one deer. 2. But recently I have been missing shots at the deer I shoot at. Bow and black powder hunting, I usually miss almost everytime I aim and fire. II. Focus on thesis statement   | III. Connect with audience Even if you have never been hunting, you should realize that hunters do a lot of good for our environment. They maintain the woods that they hunt in A lot of times hunters will plant deer diet specific food, to benefit the growth of whitetails. IV. Preview A. First I will explain why hunters hunt, they enjoy peace and quiet. B. Second, I will explain their effects on the environment. C. Third, I will show you how they protect wildlife. Body I. Hunters do a lot for wildlife. A. People go hunting to get away from noise and enjoy the sounds of nature. B. Deer hunting is a very peaceful and relaxing hobby. 1. People with stressful jobs escape the pressures of the......

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...Kristen Davis Hunting, whether being called cruel and murderous by animal rights organizations is a growing topic of conversation in our community as a social and economic issue. "How is comparing hunters to murderers and criminals different from racial/demographic profiling or stereo typing? This sort of thing is a prime example of hatred, intolerance, prejudice and discrimination. It is unacceptable to speak or act hatefully toward demographic groups based upon their race, religion, gender or sexual preference. But somehow it is ok to categorize responsible, law abiding citizens who hunt and own firearms as violent criminals. " (Lapierre) Though for me hunting goes much deeper than that, growing up on a ranch, waking up before the crack of dawn, devouring a plate of hot grits, wrapping a biscuit in foil and shoving it in my pocket and making my way through the trees and undergrowth to my favorite deer blind was just like for most people going to the supermarket. The only difference being I knew what I was eating, "in this day and age, we are detached from the realities of where our food comes from" (Lapierre). So for me it is difficult to understand how "it is acceptable to pay someone to kill the cows, pigs and chickens we purchase at the supermarket" (Lapierre) but then for me to do it myself is wrong. While many animals spend their lives in cramped cages these animals roamed free and were left in their natural habitat. Without hunter there to regulate the wild game......

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Deer Hunting

...November 22, 2011 Deer hunting is a very demanding hobby. The one thing that everyone must keep in mind when hunting is your safety and the safety of others. The reason for this is that you are using a weapon that can cause serious harm to you or someone, but this is not what this essay is about. I want everyone to actually learn what it takes to be a hunter. Being a hunter takes skill and understanding how deer sense things. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about hunting is killing Bambie. This is not the way I think, because of how I was raised. I took up hunting at an early age. I would always go with my father. So, here is what I have learned about hunting deer. You, as a hunter have got to know where the deer are. This is the easy part. Just find some good land with a water source, and good food that they eat i.e. acorns, wild persimmons trees, apples trees, corn, clover, and winter rye. Scout the land after locating these, to see if you can find there bedding areas. Finding the bedding area is the hard part. Deer in general will bed down in areas where they feel protected. Like in open areas surrounded by thick brush, or in low lying areas. After finding these good spots look for trails leading to their food, and water sources. These trails are what will make you or break you when it comes time to kill that big buck. The trail usually will lead to natural pinch points in the land. This is where you want to be hunting at due to the high......

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Raccoon Hunting

...Raccoon Hunting/Trapping 1. Introduction * According to Iowa State University, “25-30 percent of the fall population of raccoons is harvested annually.” * Even though 70 to 75 percent of coons survive each furbearer season the raccoon population is still growing almost exponentially * In order to control the rising raccoon population, hunting and/or trapping is a necessary step to control the population. 2. Body * Raccoon Population * With every female raccoon giving birth from 1-5 kits every year the population stays pretty stable * Also with most of the raccoons that are killed every year being males and juveniles nearly all of the raccoons are accounted for after the next mating season * Hunting or Trapping * The first thing you have to decide is are you going to hunt coons or trap them * Trapping is cheaper but you will not catch/kill as many coons * Hunting is more expensive but in the long run you will make enough money to take care of your expenses * Hunting and Trapping * Items Needed for Hunting * Lights * Dog Leads (Leashes) * Warm Clothes * Extra Clothes * Guns – Scopes * Ammo – shells * Gloves * Boots – Waiters * Dogs * Water for dogs * Addressed Collars * Camping Supplies * Items Needed for Trapping * Trap * Bait * Gun * Dogs Often Used * Any scent hounds are......

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