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Case Study
Expert Email Marketing Advice Helps Fitness Club Grow Membership Sales

Traditional Email List Rental Falls Short
With nearly half a million members at their network of clubs, one of the largest fitness companies in the United States faces the ongoing challenge of attracting new members.

To reach prospective new members for its Boston area clubs, the company invested in a campaign with a traditional email list rental vendor. The campaign was a total flop: it was discovered after-the-fact that the email address list was not strictly permission-based and the lack of true opt-in created negative brand perceptions among recipients, campaign performance as reported by the list vendor did not match the disappointing results observed by the company, and the vendor was unable to provide advice or support to improve performance.

No new member sales were generated from the campaign. Another case of money and time wasted on a traditional email list rental provider.

Hyper-Targeted Email Advertising and Expert Advice Prove to be a Winning Combination
Fortunately, the company committed to trying again – this time with a full service targeted email advertising partner. They carefully researched and selected their next campaign. They were attracted by high integrity permission-based email address list, proven campaign management methodology, and high-touch customer service approach that includes email marketing best practices consulting.

With Email List Rental, the fitness company's campaigns could use 150+ contact profile data selects to draw a precisely targeted list from 70 million fresh, opt-in consumer email addresses. To support a new membership drive for their Boston clubs, they targeted high household income families with children present that lived within 10 miles of specific zip codes.

Delivering Results Beyond Open and Click…...

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