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Comments on the Importance of IMA’s Ethical Standards
IMA’s Ethical principles include: Honesty, Fairness, Objectivity, and Responsibility and the Importance of IMA’s standards are discussed below: 1. It is important that an accountant should be competent and should have an ability to maintain and continue to develop its company knowledge at the professional ethical level. 2. It is important that duties are meant to be performed in accordance with the company’s relevant rules and regulations and its technical standards. 3. To provide a clear supervision or direction to employees on how to buildup and calculate competence. 4. It is an important duty of an accountant to keep the company’s information confidential and do not disclose this information to unauthorized personal. 5. He /She should monitor its subordinates to ensure compliance of confidentiality. 6. It is important that an accountant/employee should provide information with honesty to the higher management and other employees without any false and dishonest information. 7. It is important that personal conflicts of interest should be avoided. 8. An accountant should communicate information fairly and objectively on timely bases. 9. Relevant information should be disclose to influence an intended user to make him/her understand the report, analyses or to recommendations.

Ethical Standards Applicable on my Job
I am presently working in “Al Sharq Driving School” as a front desk administrator. Following are my job responsibilities: * Meeting and greeting clients and visitors to the office, * Typing documents and distributing memos, * Supervising and assigning work of driver instructors, * Handling incoming / outgoing calls, correspondence and filing, * Faxing, printing, photocopying, filing and scanning, * Creating and modifying documents using…...

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