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Overview of Resistance Welding
In simplest terms, welding is a process by which two or more pieces of metal are joined by applying heat and pressure. Back in the good old days, blacksmiths and other crafty people would heat metals in a furnace and then weld them by hammering the red-hot metals together. By hammering the metals as they cooled, the weld would be made stronger. This heating-and-hammering method is known as forge welding. While forge welding worked quite well for most of the welding done back then, today's welding requirements are a bit more advanced. After all, it would be pretty difficult to heat all the metal needed to build an automobile in a big factory furnace and expect workers to hammer together each specific part used in the manufacturing process. We'd all still be riding horses to work!
Fortunately, there are always a handful of brilliant people throughout history who are…...

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Incident Report

...had problems parking in the contractor pro loading zone at the front of the store. He told me, he was yelling at the male standing next to him. He then told me the male yelling also hit the front wall of the store outside in the loading zone with his vehicle. I walked outside, and observed a older model GMC Jimmy, SUV, blue in color, Arizona license, was up against the wall. I walked back to my office, called the Peoria Police Department, and advised them of what happened. I then walked back out of my office to the pro loading door, and stayed with the other male at the front of the store to make sure there was no further incidents between the two males. The Peoria Police Department arrived on scene approximately four to five minutes after I called the police. I advised them what happened, after he and other officers investigated the incident, the male was cited for Disorderly conduct, and was trespassed from the store....

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...Marilyn Lewis HSA 300 November 12, 2013 Incident Reports and Errors in Health Care Millions of people are injured yearly due to medical errors in the health care industry. Moreover, with the many errors that exist, it can cost billions of dollars each year increasing health costs. There are many examples of medical errors that take place within hospitals, but the most common and frequent error is due to medications. Many people believe medication errors are the result of abbreviations handwritten by physicians. Medical errors are a global issue and although, it is the most common, it can be the most preventable (Null et al. 2009, 56) As stated in “Death by medicine”, it found that 18-28% of people who were recently ill had suffered from a medical or drug error in the previous two years (Null et al.2009, 48). The affects of these errors lead to lost wages or productivity cost of employees. A medication error can easily take place if correct measures are not followed. For example, administering the incorrect medication or dosage amount to the wrong patient can be of great concern, which can result in long term injuries based on the depth of which the error resulted from. According to the American Association for Justice, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) preventable medical errors study estimated that at least 98,000 people die yearly totaling 29 billion dollars, which could have been prevented ( In the past, errors were revealed primarily......

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...Question 3: You are a Bahamian protesting outside parliament during the 1965 Mace Incident. Give an account of your experience during this event. It was April 27, 1965 on Bay Street the main thoroughfare in Nassau. Thousands of us protesters and supporters were outside protesting that the government should listen to the voice of the people. The Parliamentarians could hear all of that what was being said from the crowd below. We were led by the late Sir Cecil Wallace. Everyone came in full support of Sir Lynden O. Pindling, who was inside of the House telling the House that the governing white merchant known as the Bay Street Boys would not listen to the voice of the people and reasoning with regard to the Boundaries Commission report for that year. After the House denied the motion formed by the PLP to have the constituencies redrawn under the United Nations, Lynden Pindling publicly declared that the Bay Street politicians as dictators. The distribution of seats in favor of the Family Islands was not acceptable to the PLP when the majority of the population lived in New Providence. Before Mr. Pindling went inside, it was said that he was scared to go in and do what he did, so much that he needed coaxing from Sir Milo Butler to go ahead with the plan. Inside we could hear Mr. Pindling accusing the ruling United Bahamian Party of dividing some areas into political units to give their group an unfair advantage. Mr. Pindling took the ceremonial mace and tossed it out of the......

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...01-96, 02-97, 10-98, 11-99, 08-00, 06-01, 06-02, 1-03, 5-03 I. Purpose To assure that all incidents not consistent with the routine operations of the hospital or the routine care of a particular patient are reported to the quality management department so that immediate attention and responses can be given to individual occurrences. Statistics can then be derived from the collective number of incidents reported and will serve as a basis for adverse patient trends, patient safety issues, or other risks and hazards to be identified, and risk reduction programs implemented. In order to promote a culture that promotes patient safety, the hospital’s Incident Reporting Policy is based upon a foundation of nonpunitive approach to incident/occurrence reporting. The hospital leadership will encourage open and honest reporting of injuries and hazards to patients, visitors and staff, this process will be nonpunitive in nature for all persons reporting incidents throughout the organization. Incidence/occurrence investigations will be viewed as an opportunity for education/process improvement, and will focus on processes and systems, rather than human error. Disciplinary action will be limited to only those employees who engage in willful or malicious misconduct, or those occurrences in which the employee failed to report an incident or hazard to patients in a timely manner. II. Responsibility A. All hospital......

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...Phoenix Arizona and incident command system was established to organize our responses to a disaster large, small, natural or man-made ("Incident command system," ). This system was designed to help lessen the communication errors by establishing common terminology which identifies...who's in charge, what is needed and who is expected to follow up. Along with establishing a common terminology the ICS has established a common hierarchy, which will decrease management deficiencies because the composition of this team is usually diverse and covers many organizations. These members are usually volunteers and come in a number of field expertise. The roles in ICS usually include a single incident commander who commands the response effort and is the final decision-making. The command staff which reports to the incident commander includes a Safety officer - monitors safety conditions and develop measures for assuring the safety of all personnel and persons affected. Public information officer is the information source for all involved. This officer also serves as a liaison to the media. Answering questions, addressing rumors helping to keep the public aware of what is being done. Liaison officer is the contact person for all supporting agencies assisting in the incident. Operations chief directs all actions to meet the incident objective. Planning chief provides the status of all resources and overall status of the incident. Finance/administration chief tracks incident related......

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...Police Report On February 20, 2004 in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia Officer X and Officer Y received an all-points bulletin that a male suspect known as “Chubs” was driving on a suspended Virginia Driver’s license. Officer X was familiar with “Chubs” as a known drug dealer and had several confrontations with him in the past. Officer Y approached the car as identified by dispatch, driving South bound on Highway 95, at Boulder Highway; Officer X recognized the car as being that of David Lee Moore also known as “Chubs. Officer Y turned on the siren and initiated a traffic stop on David Lee Moore’s vehicle. David Lee Moore stopped, pulled into the Red Roof Inn at 222 S. Pecos Drive, Room 122 at the corner of Main Street. At this time David Lee Moore exited his parked car and proceeded to enter room 36B. Officer X recognized David Lee Moore, AKA “Chubs”. Officer X exited the police vehicle and ordered Mr. Moore out of the room. Officer X requested identification, registration and proof of insurance from Mr. Moore. The identification provided by Mr. Moore confirmed he was David Lee Moore. Dispatch was able to confirm that Moore’s license was suspended based upon the ID number provided, and that he was illegally operating a vehicle, which is a misdemeanor. Moore was informed that he was under arrest for driving on a suspended license and that his vehicle was going to be impounded. Officer Y cuffed and advised Moore of Miranda Rights. Officer X radioed to dispatch for a tow......

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...MEMORANDUM To: All Managers From: Brandi , Retail Market Trainer Date: April 12, 2015 Subject: Ladder Accident Incident Report- April 2, 2015 INCIDENT On April 2, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Nancy Smith was working the truck shipment shift putting the new shipment of product away alone in the backroom before store opening hours. While Nancy was on top of a ladder putting shipment away on one of the higher stock shelves, she had slipped off the ladder, falling 12 feet to the ground, and sprained her right ankle. CAUSE Nancy was alone in the backroom putting shipment away on top of a 12 foot ladder during her shift at work while a co-worker Gina Stevens was putting product away on the sales floor. Music was playing in the backroom and Nancy was on top of the ladder, dancing to the music. While holding product in her left hand and the ladder in her right hand while dancing, Nancy let go of the ladder to reach up to put the product on a higher shelf. This caused Nancy to lose her balance and fall off the ladder, spraining her right ankle. RESULT Gina who had been putting product away on the sales floor heard a cry from the back room. When she went in back to investigate the noise, she found Nancy sitting on the ground, holding her right ankle. Gina called for an ambulance at 9:23AM which then arrived at 9:28 AM, taking Nancy to Sherman Hospital in Elgin, IL. EVALUATION EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All employees who stand on 12 foot ladder or taller......

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...In this report I am going to analyse the importance of inter-agency emergency planning for major incidents It is very important that public services work together and plan how to deal with major incidents, because it makes their job more efficient. They can get the job done quicker, because they know their roles and responsibilities, so not messing around, but doing their duties and run smoothly at the scene. Planning gives them opportunity to get more training so they will know their roles even better so it makes their job easier and safer as they will get some experience in some kind of situations. They will have knowledge how it could look in real major incident, so they would not get stressed so much if they are newly employed. Also it saves some money when dealing with major incidents as they will be better in their roles, because of training through planning. Another benefit is that because of planning, they would know what equipment they are responsible for and they will bring it to the scene so when it will be needed, they will have it. The first responding agency is always Police and they are responsible for sending other agencies to the scene, protecting the scene – setting cordons around. Inner cordon - operational command – officers that deals with the incident at the scene. Outer cordon - tactical command - creates tactics for operational command how to deal with the incident. Lack of organisations means that they would not be sure what their roles are, they......

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...Critical Incident: Late Cardizem Drip Salomon Rivas Purdue University Calumet NUR 48200-09 Critical Incident: Late Cardizem Drip The incident I will be writing this paper about actually just happened at my new job. I received my nursing degree last March and started working in LTC last summer. After 6 months experience, I was lucky enough to get hired as a new nurse on a telemetry/ step down ICU floor. I started this position on January 5, 2015 and will be finishing my one to one orientation next week. As the weeks have passed and my patient load has picked up, I have been able to work more and more independently while my preceptor attends to other patients or matters. If all I had to do was assess, pass medications and chart, I would be fine but as we all know, critical thinking has to prevail and careful watch has to be of utmost importance for such sick patients. On the night of the near critical incident, I was taking care of 6 patients. It was the very beginning of the shift and I was getting report as my preceptor was attending to a patient that was crashing fast. She told me to just continue with report and start my night and she would fill me in later as this patient had to be sent to the ICU. I finished getting report on my 5 patients and was sitting down to organize my night when my preceptor came over to me and asked what I was told in report. When I got to the new admit that had just come to the floor......

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...Critical Incident Report Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Management) Author: Goh Bing Chong Basil (5269131) * Executive Summary This critical report took place at Mischief’s restaurant during September 2015, during the interview it was revealed that an unfortunate case of the dissatisfying experience was involved. Both management and staffs level of customer service provided was a disappointment to customers. After the analysis of the critical incident report, a customers and provider gap is discovered. The analysis demonstrates the lack of reliability & empathy, which directed to customer gap. The lack of knowledge gap about management using the wrong digital platform for reservation needs which led to failing to reserve a seat for a customer. Additionally, a policy and delivery gap was discovered, because there was an absence of employee protocol and absence of a proper training program. The report concludes by suggesting three recommendations for closing the provider gaps. Which is using the right digital platform for reservation booking, a structure work protocol when unexpected crisis arises and finally proper training program for employees. This report offers a valuable resource for Mischief to improve their service quality in the future. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1. Critical Incident Description 4 1.1 Circumstances leading up to the incident 4 1.2 What Occurred During the Incident 4 1.3 What Made the Incident......

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...Emergency Service Incidents | Learning aims/outcomes covered | 3. Understand the necessity for scene preservation at emergency incidents4. Be able to review health and safety considerations during an emergency response incident scenario | | Scenario | As a new recruit you must submit evidence for your portfolio to pass your probation period. You must complete a report describing the necessity of scene preservation and assessing the health and safety at a given scenario. | | Task 1P5, M2 | Word processed report describing the necessity of scene preservationYou must include a description of the following: * need for accident investigation eg serious and fatal road traffic collisions; * need for fire investigation eg malicious and suspicious ignitions; * role of Health and Safety Executive eg accidents in the workplace; * British Transport Police eg accidents on the railways, trains and the underground network; You must also describe why security for scene preservation including use of cordons is important and how it is carried out.Scene preservation for evidence collection: need for scene preservation eg to establish cause, to identify damage, to gather information to prevent further incidents; crime scene investigation eg use of photographs, video, forensics, witness testimony.You should explain how scene preservation and the service provision of specialist units, such as the Health and Safety Executive, contribute to the accident/incident......

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...Security Incident Report Incident Report #: IR-783 Reported Date and Time: January 12, 2014 Technician: Max Smith Site Location: Sales Department laptop belonging to Howard Telmik. Windows 7 OS. Identification (Type and how detected): Howard in sales called the IT help desk complaining that his system is really slow. He also stated his laptop is behaving weird. Some of his internal reports have been modified and emails from last week have shown up as read. He knows he it wasn't him because he was on vacation last week and left his laptop at home. Virus scan detected BackOrafice and NetBus. Triage (Impact): Fortunately it only affected the user's laptop and did not spread to the company network. Containment (Steps taken): 1) Disabled wireless on the laptop to disconnect it from the company network. 2) Ran a manual virus scan which identified the malware and placed it in quarantine. Investigation (Cause): Howard feels that the Anti-Virus (AV) makes his system slow. So he turned it off. Several weeks ago he received an email from a good and trusted friend that contains some vacation pictures. Shortly thereafter he received an offer to try a new and improved AV software and installed it. Recovery and Repair (Resolution): Used Antivirus software to quarantine and eradicate the malware. Implemented scanning of corporate email for malware and spam. Lessons Learned (Debriefing and Feedback): Antivirus software on systems should be configured to scan all hard......

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...INCIDENT REPORT From: Lexington Square Tenants To: Management On Sunday February 5th, 2012 while I, Dwayne Wilson a tenant here at Lexington Square #238 was outside playing catch football in the parking lot with my son, my neighbor named David came outside his apt and stood on the ledge at the top of the stairwell, I asked David not to start nothing and he replied, “Fuck You”. I asked David to calm down and he became even more belligerent towards me while me son observed. This in turn frustrated me and then the exchange of words began. Eventually, David went inside his apt and came back out ranting and raving, and more words were exchanged, David then threw a 24in two-prong fork at me, and charged down the stairs in a combative manner. I didn’t hesitate to prepare for a confrontation, but I warned him that I wasn’t going to allow him to bully me as he had been doing all the other tenants in this vicinity. David in turn eventually called the Police, and I waited for them to arrive. When the Police arrived, they took our statements and no charges were pressed against either of us. I went to the Police Dept to retrieve a incident report, but was told that since I’m not the person who placed the call, I couldn’t access the report, but was informed that mgmt could. I informed mgmt of my and other tenants in this area incidents involving David, and We are requesting that David be evicted from the property. I have the signatures of all other involved parties who can......

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...the Sino-foreign culture exchange and advocated the burgeoning woodcarving movement. He was concerned about young people, cultivated them, and dedicated much to the growth of young writers. Lu Xun died in Dalu Xincun flat in Shanghai on October 19, 1936. Lu Xun wrote and translated more than 8 million characters. Many of his works such as Outcry, Hesitation, Wild Grass, Morning Blossoms and Plucked at Dusk are reprinted again and again and have been translated into many languages which include English, Russian, German, French, Japanese, and Esperanto and so on. The Complete Works of Lu Xun is a precious gift that he left to Chinese people and people all over the world. His writing The Incident is a short story full of meaning. It is particularly relevant to our daily lives during the times when we are so eager to become courteous, considerate and caring people instead of being selfish and thoughtless. SUMMARY: (Set in China more than 50 years ago) An educated young man from the upper social class learns a valuable lesson in human caring from a simple rickshaw man. It was late midnight when the educated man and the rickshaw man suddenly stop on their way, for an old woman seemingly just crossed on their way. It's not on the pedestrian lane that's why the rickshaw man stopped over to attend the old woman. The old woman......

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...Petronas' venture into the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry more than three decades ago marked Malaysia's entry into the modern gas era. When substantial gas reserves were discovered in Sarawak's Central Luconia basin in the 1970's, it was hoped that monetising this resource would bring revenue and foreign exchange needed to spearhead Malaysia's socio economic development and nation building. It was also realised then that Malaysia's proximity to industrialised Japan, opened the opportunity for PETRONAS to tap into an important energy market in need of a cost effective, efficient and cleaner energy resource. PETRONAS,Shell BV and Mitsubishi held talks which resulted in the birth of a partnership to undertake Malaysia's first LNG project, realised through the incorporation of Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd or MLNG on 14 June 1978. The MLNG project was Malaysia's largest and most ambitious industrial undertaking at the time and the Malaysian Government established a special LNG task force to see to its successful completion. The MLNG project at that time was also the nation's single largest investment in manufacturing and required what was considered a quantum leap in technology and knowledge acquisition. Beyond the construction of the plant, the MLNG project also involved the construction of a jetty, the acquisition of LNG carriers, the establishment of infrastructure and amenities and the training of human resource. Through hard work and perseverance, the partners in the initial...

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