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Independent Living Program

Youth and older children at Girls’ Haven are eligible to receive independent living services to help prepare them for self-sufficiency in adulthood. Residents receiving independent living services can be working toward achieving any of the permanency goals (such as reunification, adoption, or guardianship) or may be headed towards emancipation due to aging out of foster care to adulthood on their own. Here are several guidelines that are in place to ensure smooth transition from care to becoming independent.

There are several expectations for girls participating in our independent living program. They are as followed:
1. Girls will be required to eat 3 full meals a week with the group.
2. If you are in high school or college full time (12 hours+), girls are allowed to have a part time job.
3. If you are not in college and not in high school and are with CPS, you MUST have a full time job.
4. All upstairs girls are required to complete AT LEAST 4 hours of Community Service per month.
5. Girls’ are required to continue participating in daily chores and household activities such as trips to the library, etc. if an outing is not planned in advance.
6. You are required to participate in all independent living activities such as cooking lessons, resume building, TRAIL, grocery shopping etc.
7. You will create and implement your own monthly budget.

Since Girls’ Haven is holding the upstairs population to a higher, more responsible level, we will not use the Point and Level System. In place of the Point and Level System, we are incorporating the Color System. In this Color System, there will be 4 colors used to determine your level. Those colors are Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red.

Direct Care Staff will no longer determine your “grade” for the day; instead, they will write notes of issues, praise, or problems during the…...

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