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InterClean is an $8 billion dollar company within the industrial and intuitional sanitation cleaning industry. The company has been a major player in the industry. InterClean sales have excelled within demonstrating and selling of products. In the near future InterClean want to obtain success and become a better company. The company is seeking other strategies to expand from the success InterClean has already obtained. The company acquired Enviro Tech to transform into a company that would be considered as a solution base organization and secure the competitive edge in the industry.
InterClean has a current plan that would not be feasible for the company, since the integration of both InterClean and Enviro Tech has not been completed. This problem solution paper will review the following issues engrossed within InterClean’s strategies that would be implemented within the company’s newly developed opportunities, stakeholder’s perspective, alternate solutions, risk assessments, and concluding preparation to achieve the new direction of the company. InterClean is a heavy weight within the solution and cleaning sector. Because of the demands the company redirected the attention to services and solutions rather than just services and products. InterClean wanted to begin a new solution-base marketing selling within the next three-six months. For the company to make the transition, InterClean has planned some changes within the company’s sales department. The company is also pondering over hiring additional staff members to obtain the company’s goals.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
The new company’s first step would be to focus on completing the merger. With every merger brings forth problems. It is self evident that research shows that when things are not handled properly the outcome is not positive. One thing that…...

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