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The Effects of Technology on Learning, Memory, and Associations.

How does the advancement of technology influence developing children’s learning associations and information processing and what correlation does that have with future educational curriculums?


Today’s utilization of technological resources for education has caused changes in students’ brain functions and processes that effect long-term learning methods.


Before the Internet, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and textbooks were the main resources used for educational development and study. Today with the exponential growth in both the consumer and education technology sector, students and researchers alike are relying on the worldwide web and more specifically search engines for sources of information. With the unlimited amount of information the Internet and search engines provide and their ease of access, education is evolving to unprecedented levels. The rise of technological resources for both students and institutions has provided online distance learning and new-age education movements across the globe. The unlimited educational resources available on the Internet and other media are changing the way students learn.

Memory processing and learning associations in students are beginning to change for the present and future generations. Even though technology affects every age group’s brain processing and functioning, the learning functions in grade-school students are easier to identify. Especially today since elementary and even junior high school students continuously have technology-centered learning. College curriculums will also be sampled because of the abundant research attributed to university research.

Even though technology and unlimited Internet resources allow students to study more in a shorter period of time, challenges are arising in educational…...

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