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The culture that I have chosen is the Iroquois because they are interesting and complicated kinship. In the Iroquois kinship system, a person’s mother and the mother’s sisters are called “mother,” and the father and his brothers are called “father”. Their kinship system separates their people by relation rather than generation, so instead of the children having aunts and uncles, the children would have mothers and fathers in addition to their own biological mother and father. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren would call their aunts and uncles mother or father instead of the titles that we Americans are given today. After reading on the Iroquois I found that the female is the dominate sex within the group, since women were the main producers of food and mutual owners of the land. Iroquois lineage is matrilineal which means as family’s kinship are traced through female decent. The matrilineal kinship is not as common as a patrilineal descendant group, but it is more common when it comes to horticultural groups (Haviland, 2002). In horticultural groups females are the primary gatherers of food for the group while the men cleared and burned the land and forest to prepare them for farming. The men were also small game hunters and warriors.
The Iroquois live in longhouses, in which the husband lives within their wives community. The longhouses provide a compartment for each nuclear family to live. Since the Iroquois is a matrilineal group, the eldest female of the family makes all the final decisions on resources and property (Schneider, 1964).
Iroquois married outside the clan, but like many cultures they do marry cross cousins but not parallel cousins. Cross cousins are cousins of the opposite sex of the parents, where parallel

cousins are cousins of the same sex as the parents (Haviland, 2002). By marrying within the family it allowed…...

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