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1. What is a routing table? Routing tables consist of being used to route data to a specific path and also keeps track of the routes for where the data can travel to.

2. What is the most common static route used in a host computer? The most common static route used in a host computer is the default gateway.

3. What command is used to view a PC computers routing table? The command to used to view a pc computer routing table is netstat –r.

4. What is meant by a network address entry with a subnet mask of in a PC’s routing table? It’s the default routing table path for data.

5. What is the IP address and what is it used for? It is known as a loopback to the host computer. This mean the data is routed directly back to the source which is known as the network interface card.

7. What is the difference between a routers running configuration and startup configuration? The difference between running configuration and startup is that in config doesn’t show what is currently saved in the routers nonvolatile memory whereas startup shows the saved configuration in the nonvolatile memory.

8. What is the router command used to view the routes entered into the router’s routing table? The command to use in order to see the routes entered into the routers routing table is show ip route. 9. What is the router command used to configure a static route for a router? The command you would use is ip route in order to configure the router.

14. What is the difference between a static and a dynamic routing protocol? The differences are that static has you enter in ip address information whereas dynamic routing protocol allows the router to be dynamically updated to account for loss or changes in routes or changes in data traffic.

15. What are the four key issues in dynamic routing protocols? The four key issues in dynamic routing…...

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