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11 June 2013
What is Jailbreak? Whenever a new popular phone came out you would notice it. Back when I was in Junior high I would see the Motorola Razr in almost everyone in my classmates’ hand that had a phone. It was the “must have” phone. When Apple released its first iPhone, back in June of 2007, it was one the fastest growing phones on the market. Because of the new features the iPhone had to offer, it sparked ideas and numerous possibilities. With the following of the new iPhone generations, new ideas were added into them and became more and more popular. But to some people they wanted those ideas already on the iPhone. Shortly, after the first iPhone, came Jailbreak. This allowed expanding those ideas on the iPhone. According to an article by Forbes, dating February 8, 2013, nearly seven million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have cracked Apple’s restrictions on their devices using the jailbreaking tool Evasi0n in four days making it the most popular Jailbreak ever. Jailbreak gives people the ability to customize their Apple devices. I will explain more about what Jailbreak is, as well the themes, apps, and tweaks.
So what is Jailbreak? By definition from the book “iOS Hacker’s Handbook,” states that “Jailbreak is the process of removing the limitations on Apple devices running the iOS operating system through the use of software and hardware exploits.” Jailbreaking will allow the user to personalize and customize their device. While this sounds amazing, it still has its disadvantages. For instance, your device is more vulnerable to an attack. Devices could possibly get corrupted and crash. According to an article from Computer News Middle East, published on February 7, 2013, states that “It is not illegal to Jailbreak an iPhone or iTouch device, but may void the device’s service warranty.” So let’s say you…...

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