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The story of William Shakespeare's Othello is set in 16th-century Venice and Cyprus. Othello the Moor, a noble black warrior in the Venetian army, has secretly married a beautiful white woman called Desdemona, the daughter of a prominent senator, Brabantio. When he finds out, he is outraged, and promptly disowns her.

Othello’s ensign, Iago, harbours a secret jealousy and resentment towards the Moor, partly because another soldier, lieutenant Cassio, has been promoted ahead of him, and also because he suspects that Othello has had an affair with his wife. Intent on revenge, Iago hatches a devious plan to plant suspicions in Othello’s mind that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. He orchestrates a street fight, for which Cassio is wrongly blamed, and is then dismissed from his post by Othello. Desdemona takes up Cassio’s case with her husband, which only further inflames his suspicions that the pair are lovers.

In the meantime, Iago manages to procure a treasured handkerchief from Desdemona that was given to her by Othello. He plants it on Cassio so that Othello sees it, then concludes that it is proof of their affair. Maddened by jealousy, he orders Iago to murder Cassio, and then he strangles Desdemona. Immediately afterwards her innocence is revealed, and Iago’s treachery exposed. In a fit of grief and remorse Othello kills himself. Iago is taken into custody by the Venetian authorities.

Written against the backdrop of the bubonic plague and the death of Queen Elizabeth I, Othello is thought to have been completed sometime in early 1604. Shakespeare appropriated the basic plot and story from Geraldi Cinthio’s popular book, Hundred Stories, the first sentence of which reads, “There was a Moor in Venice”. There were also other books that he probably used to shape the plots details,…...

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...Inc/Warner Chappell Publishing (BMI), Jess Jackson Publishing (BMI), Recorded at: Ameraycan Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA, 3 Beat Records, One Love and Spinnin’ Records. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Contains excerpts from the composition “Molly” written by The Hit Factory, Miami, FL, Recorded by: Jess Jackson, Michael (Banger) Cadahia, Recording Assistant: Matt Anthony, Mixed at: Ameraycan Recording Cedric Depasquale and Carlos Cid. Used by permission. Wiz Khalifa appears courtesy of Rostrum Records/Atlantic Recording Corporation & featuring Studio, Los Angeles CA, Mixed by: Jess Jackson, Vocal Production by: Jess Jackson, Michael “Tyga” Stevenson, Lil Wayne appears courtesy of Cash Jamal “Mally Mal” Rashid. Money Records, Inc. 07 FOR THE ROAD FEAT. CHRIS BROWN 02 DOPE FEAT. RICK ROSS Written by: M. Stevenson, C. Brown, D. Quinn, L. Edwards, J. Jackson, B. Alexander Morgan, J. Pastorius, Produced by: Lil’C and Mars, Additional Written by: M. Stevenson, W. Leonard Roberts II, M. Roberts, J. Jackson, C. Broadus, A. Young, C. Wolfe, Produced by: FKi for FKi Productions/Defient, Production by: Jess Jackson, Publishing Co: Tygaman Music/EMI Blackwood Music Inc (BMI), Songs of Universal, Inc./Culture Beyond Ur Experience Additional Production by: Jess Jackson, Publishing Co: Tygaman Music/EMI Blackwood Music Inc (BMI), 4 Blunts Lit at Once/ First N Gold (BMI), Smash Publishing (BMI), CBeatz (BMI), Jess Jackson Publishing (BMI),......

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