Job Redesign

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Job Redesign
Functional flexibility is a concept that advocates job redesign as a method to improve organizational performance. “The re-organization of work and the redeployment of staff associated with the implementation of functional flexibility are likely to have significant implications for the employees and managers involved” (Desombre, 2006, para. 1 [1]). Job redesign will focus on enhancement of services through a holistic approach by increasing the number of skills to a job description and reducing the number of employees required to fulfil all tasks.
Collection of Information
Successful redesign of a job requires the person assigned to the task to collect all available information on the current job and work environment (Hayman, 2008 [2]). This task includes current job descriptions, documents pertaining to the different tasks assigned to the job, databases, minutes of meetings, duty rosters, employee behavior, and outcomes of tasks. Another important aspect of this preparatory phase is observation of workers during their daily routine. Movement and work studies provide valuable information on the workflow and productivity of staff members in their current roles. Observation of interaction between employees among themselves and with patients and associated activities provides good insight of the efficiency of the current job specifications. Meetings with staff and informal conversations about their expectations of the job are good sources for planning job redesign.
Job Analysis
Job analysis is the process of considering all the aspects of the new or redesigned job by breaking it down into job elements, the level of autonomy of the worker, the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job, and the behavior required from the employee (“Job Analysis, Design, and Evaluation,” 2004 [3]). The job analyst considers physical abilities required to…...

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