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Jules Shoes

MGT/220 Week three Assignment

Jules Walker

If I were the store supervisor of a shoe store inside a local mall, having 2 shift managers and seven employees just coming back after three days from corporate headquarters and I have ten “items” in my inbox that need to be taken care of including; two employment applications (I have no positions available at this time), a note from Mary (an employee) regarding vacation requests, a notice from the mall regarding change of hours for an upcoming holiday, a customer complaint, four shipping receipts indicating there is about 230 pairs of shoes that have been delivered and need to be stocked, three bids from different companies responding to my request for bids on new cash register, a notice from the fire department regarding an impending inspection, a note that the washrooms (restrooms) are out of order, a notice from the corporate headquarters stating a holiday sale will begin soon and five advertisements and two catalogs from various vendors.
After going thought my inbox I have decided that there are several items that I can delegate to my shift managers in order to run the store most effectively and to keep things flowing. The two job applications that were turned in while I was away, because there are no openings right now. The shift manager just needs to call the applicants and let them know that we have no openings and their application will remain on file for 60 days. Four shipping receipts indicating I have roughly 130 pairs of shoes that have been received in the store and need to be stocked; the shift managers as well as the employees can work on stocking the shoes that came in there is not need for me to have to do that but if I have time I will go help them. I would have the shift manager take care of the washrooms being out of order. I would ask them to figure out what is…...

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