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Idaly Ruiz
2/12/13 The United States would be much safer if only government officials were allowed to own guns. The public would not need any protection for themselves even if they come across a situation where they need some type of self-defense. I mean, that is why they have martial arts and boxing lessons’ right? It is certainly going to work even if someone is trying to kill you and has more strength than you. But on the other hand, it would be much easier if we did have a gun with us and only use it when it is needed to be used. Guns do not kill people, people do. The second amendment states the right to bear arms, so why choose to go against it. I would feel like the government does not even go by their set of rules. Besides defending yourself by knowing any type of martial arts, there are other options. They have things such as knives, forks, bats, pepper spray, hairspray, and even sling shots. I would prefer to use a sling shot since it would be the closest thing they have to a gun. I am not sure if it would help if I was to be in a dangerous situation but it would be the only thing I can possibly use for defense. I doubt it would help if I was to be up again more than two people but it would be worth a try. That is what I would do, but what about other people? How far would they go to feel safe or to protect themselves? Other than protection, how creative would murderers get to kill someone without using a gun, most crimes are committed without even having a firearm. Just how many drugs are illegal, people still manage to get a hold of them. Besides drug trafficking there would also be gun trafficking. There would have to be more caution on what is brought into the country and what is already here. Crime rate would actually go up rather than stay at a low rate. That is good though, we need a high crime rate. The owners of gun shops would have…...

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