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The word Keurig derives from the Dutch word meaning excellence. Keurig, Incorporated began with the company’s inception in 1992 (Kerin & Peterson, 2007). Gourmet coffee is a growing trend throughout the world. Keurig Incorporated was founded on the inspiration that coffee lovers should be able to brew and enjoy once perfect cup of coffee at a time (Kerin & Peterson). Excellence had been the guiding principle behind the development of its products and services. With gourmet coffee houses popping up in many areas, consumers were spending at least $1.50 more for one cup of gourmet coffee.
Keurig’s launch of the single cup brewing system in the office coffee service market in the late 1990’s had benefited from coffee drinkers consistent increase of sophisticated drinks. In 2002 Keurig became the leading name in office coffee service by shipping over 33,000 units. In February 2003 Keurig was ready to launch their new B100 system targeting the at home segment all in hopes of gaining the same success Keurig found in the office coffee service, in a more competitive market (Kerin & Peterson, 2007). With the competition entering the single cup brewing market, Keurig had to think fast if they wanted to succeed in the Home market (Kerin & Peterson, 2007). Nick Lazaris, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Keurig, had to make the decision as to proceed with a two Keurig-Cup (K-Cup) strategy; this decision had the potential to wreck the company and their launch efforts. (Kerin & Peterson, 2007).
Keurig faced a few problems during their marketing and release of the B100 brewer. In order to sell the brewers, Keruig needed to show the benefits of the brewers. Keurig planned to accomplish this by demonstrations in shopping malls and high end retail stores (Kerin & Peterson, 2007). Keurig also had problems with…...

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