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Wellness Philosophy Paper
Andrea Villa
Kinesiology 1600
November 29, 2013

There are many health issues in the world, and they affect everybody, both directly and indirectly. When I was younger, my parents decided to get my sisters and I tested for high cholesterol and high blood pressure because there were many family members on both sides that had either or both of these diseases. Many family members died from heart attacks as a result of these diseases. I wanted to get test my cholesterol and blood pressure because the possibility of a heart attack in the future scared me. When I got the blood test back, it turned out that I had high cholesterol. My HDL levels were low, and my LDL levels were high. Even though my total cholesterol number was not terribly high, the fact that I had high cholesterol scared me. My parents found a cardiologist that I continue to visit yearly. The doctor put my on a cholesterol-lowering medicine to bring my cholesterol down. He warned me that I would have to continue to take the medicine for a number of years before I could possibly come off of it. I have taken this medicine for six years and continue to take it daily. As I get older, I realize that I do not want to be bound to this medicine for the rest of my life. I know that high cholesterol is genetic, but it can also be controlled by diet and exercise.
My cardiologist explained that cholesterol can increase by eating foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat. As I evaluate this, I would like to aim to lower the amount of food I eat high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Over time, this could greatly decrease my cholesterol and reduce the risk of need for my medicine. Also, lowering the amount of fatty foods will improve other aspects of my health. In order to realize what foods are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, I might read labels when I shop. These foods are…...

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