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Lance Armstrong is a world famous cyclist that has won many races including seven of the famous Tour de France (one of the worlds’ famous cycling races). He has been through many obstacles in his life including having to go through the process of overcoming testicular cancer that had spread to a lot of different parts of his body. He is one of the many lucky people in the world that was able to survive testicular cancer. Armstrong has been a true inspiration to many people in the world and has won a lot of awards. In the past couple years there has been many people debating whether Lance Armstrong deserved all the attention he got and all the prizes because they are saying that he was using drugs the whole time he was racing and that’s the reason he was winning.
Ok for paragraph one. 1. Instead of saying cancer that had spread to allot of different parts of his body, why not name them? 2. How is he lucky? What percentages of people survive testicular cancer you should include a reference in there. 3. How does his debate on people claiming to use drugs tie in the paper? In the article, “Lance Armstrong: World Champion Cyclist” by Layne Cameron, the author talks about all the different races Lance Armstrong has been in and how he finally made it to be the world champion in cycling. The author, Layne Cameron, explains how Lance Armstrong had to overcome testicular cancer and how much work and effort he had to put into getting to where he is standing at the time. When this article was published in 1994, people’s views and perspectives were so much different than they are now. People thought of Lance Armstrong as a true inspiration and a true fighter for what he wanted and believed he could achieve. Lance Armstrong to them was the kind of person who in spite of any illness, in his case testicular cancer, any obstacle, any…...

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