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From Leadership Potential to Promotion Success: More Accuracy, More Insight

Today, organizations realize that people are their greatest asset and they invest in them accordingly. Every employee must perform at his or her best to realize maximum success. In addition, HR and business leaders understand that early identification of leaders with potential to take on significantly greater responsibility is vital to continuing their organization’s success. Traditionally, high performance has been equated with high potential. Boss nominations have been the standard for nominating people into high-potential development programs. However, bosses tend to be highly subjective and vary widely in their observations and standards for measuring potential. No two bosses define leadership potential the same way, and they disagree on who possesses it. They form opinions about people that they see often, so they necessarily miss people with great potential who work outside of their location. Adding to this conundrum of boss nominations, one study shows that only 29 percent of high performers are actually high potentials.1 Establishing a process to accurately identify individuals with leadership potential is critical in a world where companies with the best leaders win. Retaining those potential leaders long enough to realize the benefits of their promotion is just as critical. We propose that organizations can substantially increase the success rate of internal promotion by improving two key areas: identification and insight. We also assert that as organizations develop a systemic process for identifying leadership potential at the individual contributor level, they create a culture where internal promotion, development, and loyalty thrive.

Why Identification and Insight?
Earlier identification of employees with the potential to successfully advance…...

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