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There are many challenges and frustrations facing leaders today that are internal or external. These can include not having enough authority to carry out responsibility and being perceived as unethical by others outside the company.
Internally, there are times when people in managerial positions have continuous issues with being blamed or held responsible for things that they have little or no control over. There are times when they have an ill-performing team member and they don’t have the power to discipline them or let them go. There are also times when they “might be expected to produce high-quality service with too small a staff and no authority to become fully staffed” ( Dubrin, A., 2007). This can lead to frustrations and a decrease in the drive to perform at top capacity. In response to this obstacle, leaders can develop different training modules for those that follow them to improve their output.
Externally, a challenge that many corporate leaders face is that they are seen as unethical individuals or focusing only on making money. “The many corporate financial scandals made public in recent years have led to extreme perceptions that CEOs, in particular, are dishonest, unethical, and almost criminal in their behavior” (Dubrin, A., 2007). This stereotype makes it difficult to be viewed as leaders who care about their customers, employees, and their environment. A good way to overcome this challenge would be to get more involved in the community so they are able to see the attention and care that the company can provide them with.
In order for leaders to be effective, they should follow a few guidelines: be adaptable to different situations and their surroundings; be understandable and communicate properly; be honest with all stakeholders. An effective leader needs to be able to adapt to the various situations and scenarios that they…...

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