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Role Development for the Practical Nurse

Leadership Reflective Essay Assignment

Grade: 10% of final grade
Length: 4 pages maximum,
Due Date: October 19, 2015 at 7:00 pm (see below)

* 12 font, New Times Roman, double spaced, excluding reference list and title page. * Hard copy and electronic copy due at beginning of class as assigned by professor * Include a copy of the rubric with the hardcopy of your essay * Submit an electronic copy to Safe Assign on your assigned due date.
Topic: Reflections: Leadership Development as you transition from learner to practitioner
This essay is a critical analysis of your personal journey reflecting on your leadership skills development as you transition from being a student to a practice RPN.

It may be helpful to focus on one significant experience and/or challenge: Examine how it made you feel made and how you have grown and developed leadership skills as a result. The primary focus is on your development of leadership skills as you transition from learner to practitioner. It should be honest and include examples, details, and relevant literature to support your opinions and thoughts. A good reflective essay should help you to understand yourself better. It must be written in the first person.
Though this is a reflective paper, you need to clearly support your thoughts and ideas with references from the literature. Theoretical references may come from the literature related to leadership theory, power, conflict management, and change management theory. A minimum of four (4) different reference sources are required and must be drawn from journal readings as well as the listed leadership texts available from the library.
*Your paper must be proof read, carefully edited and follow APA format. See the rubric for a detailed grading scheme. Essays not submitted to SafeAssign will not be…...

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...Leadership Discussion Board What is the Army Center for Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Performance and Resilience Enhancement Program and what are its objectives? What are some of the benefits of using this training? Who would benefit the most from the training that (CSF-PREP) provides and why? Do you have any personal experiences you would like to share in which (CSF-PREP) has benefitted you? Explain in detail. Elite performers have always looked for ways to improve their “mental game” and gain a personal edge in competition. The most recognized arena for this has historically been in sports. In the past 50 years, a formal type of sport science has been recognized to legitimize the field of performance psychology. Comprehensive Soldier Fitness-Performance and Resilience Enhancement Program (CSF-PREP) is an organization that provides education and training, based on these performance psychology techniques. CSF-PREP works closely with the Warrior Transition Command (WTC), to provide training to Soldiers and cadre. CSF-PREP is focused on helping Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Soldiers be at their best when it matters most, by building the mental strength required to reach full potential more consistently. In addition to performance education classes, CSF-PREP also assists Soldiers in the WTUs through adaptive reconditioning programs. Adaptive sports help WTU Soldiers learn to apply principles such as building confidence, energy management, and the use of imagery. Along......

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