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As parents we spend the majority of our days trying to shape our children into successful people. We guide them in how to act, what to say, how to dress, how to communicate with others – the list is never-ending. However I’m sure that everyone can relate to having those situations where your kids have opened their mouths or performed some kind of action that has made you step back and think, “WOW… I could really learn a lot from that!” Here are five examples of different lessons we can learn from watching our kids:

1. Don’t hang onto the negative, just forgive and forget

Little kids can get mad; in fact they can get REALLY mad. But they rarely hold onto that anger. They may throw the world’s biggest temper tantrum and within minutes be smiling and happy all over again. As we get older we gravitate more towards holding grudges, and hanging onto that negativity only adds unnecessary stress to our lives. Sometimes it’s best to get mad and then get over it.

2. When you’re full you should stop eating

This seems so basic but one quick look at the alarming rate of overweight and obese adults can show otherwise. Society has conditioned us to think that we need to finish everything on our plates and leave no morsel behind. You can’t force kids to eat past their limit though – when they’re done, they’re done – something we could certainly learn a thing or two from.

3. You can only continue to grow by continuing to experience

Little kids are filled with wonder and curiosity every day. They have no problems trying new things or meeting new people. As we get older we tend to get a little more cautious about what we do and these reservations can hold us back from new and exciting experiences. Being curious about life is a good thing, and something we should continue to hold onto.

4. Honesty is the best policy

How many times have you been…...

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