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2. How do you form a simple condition?
3. How do you form a compound condition?
By connecting two or more simple conditions with the AND, OR, and NOT operators
9. How do you sort data?
You can sort data by using the ORDER BY operator.
12. What are the SQL aggregate functions?
The SQL aggregate function are functions used to calculate sums, averages, counts, maximum values, and minimum values.
14. What is a subquery?
When a query is inside of another query the inner query is the subquery.
15. How do you group data in an SQL query?
You can group SQL query data by using the GROUP BY clause on a particular object.

16. When grouping data in a query, how do you restrict the output to only those groups satisfying some condition?

By using the HAVING clause a query can be written to display the groups that are included

Also complete the following Exercises using the Premier Products database on page 132:
3. List the names of customers with credit limits of $10,000 or more.

5. List the number and name of each customer represented by sales rep 35 or sales rep 65.

8 List the part number, part description, and on-hand value (units on hand * unit price) of each part in item class SG.(On-hand value is really units on hand * cost, but there is no COST col- umn in the PART table.) Assign the name ON_HAND_VALUE to the computed column.

9. List the part number, part description, and on-hand value for each part whose on-hand value is at least $7,500. Assign the name ON_HAND_VALUE to the computed column. 11. Find the number and name of each customer whose name begins with the letter “B.” 15. Find the total of the balances for all customers represented by sales rep 65 with balances that are less than their credit…...

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