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Today, I went to library to listen Linda Galindo speech. I heard that she was going to talk about how people be accountable, I have no idea why people could be accountable, is she going to talk about the value of people or not? This topic makes me in, I want to know what specific she can teach us. Actually, she made me think of what people real value is after her wonderful speech.
In Linda Galindo’s speech, she pointed out that the only true accountability is "personal accountability" and the only way to achieve it is to take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices, behaviors and actions. There was one example she mentioned in the speech: someone did a great job in the interview, he showed all his talents to interviewer, people would considered him as bright and smart person, however, he is unworthy because he was not doing his job, or finish his job sloppy, doing something inappropriate at work, talked offensive to coworkers. The people like him, it is not accountable. In a company, when we look at someone and check if they are accountable or not, we are not only looked at how much he can work, but also his personality. I learned that People who are high personal accountability can contribute more to the company, since company are not need to expend extra sources to control and regulate them, they know what are doing and what they supposed to do. To the contrary, company which has abandon low personal accountability, it required spends more sources on them to control and regulate. That is the reason why a company has good HR department can help it save money, because they can recognize who have high personal accountability.
We also can look at personal accountability in another way, like how people deal with bad condition. Galindo said success 99% depend on personal accountability and 1% depend on condition, which is shock me at the moment. People…...

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