Literature Through Time

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Literature Through Time

Literature depicts the morals of time it shift and morphs into less power in the divine and more faith in man. Stories began being written by monks and the clergy which in time turned into regular men with stores that focused on more secular matters. English literature fills up the gap between wars, between societal change, you can see time progressing, you can see our values and morals changing, you can see history passing by. In the beginning there was Bede, a philosopher, speaker of many languages, a man who looked around him and saw a world in peril that only God could save, a man full of faith. Time passes and we see Shakespeare, a genius, a man with a queen, a man who rallied against the common, Shakespeare was a man with deep loves and a strong voice.
“The Story of Caedmon”, was written during a time when Christian religious dogma was primarily hagiography, “the telling of the life of virtuous men and women that represents what it means to be a good Christian.” These stories are used as a form of reflections on one’s life as to make it better in the future. Religious dogma needed to be made more accessible to the congregation which was widely illiterate, so the stories were written with easy points and then acted out so that the congregation would not only be awake and attentive, but so that these stories of morality and faith would really sink in.
“Caedmon” is probably the earliest extant of Old English poetry, Bede tells about Caedmon, an illiterate cowherd, is employed by the Monastery of Whitby, and one days receives a miraculous gift from God, the gift of song, which allows him to enter the church as a peer who becomes the founder of a school of Christian poetry.”, the abbess who cherished the grace of God in this man, instructed him to give up secular life and to take monastic vows.”
Although it is stated that Caedmon…...

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