Local School Community Collage

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Local School Community Collage

EDU 210
June 10, 2013
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Local School Community Collage The collage that I created was designed to show people what stakeholders of a local school community look like. Stakeholders of education are no longer just the teachers, parents or students. Being a stakeholder involves any responsible agency, adult, business, social service, police department, fire department, council members, neighborhood watch programs, religious leaders, elected officials and many more. A stakeholder is a person or an organization that has a common, interest in what happens in the school system.
Each stakeholder has the same goal in mind, and that is to make sure that each student receives the proper education and that they are treated equally. “As a stakeholder a teacher is expected to obtain the professional knowledge and lead their students through instruction” (Walters, 2011). “The school district superintendent has the job responsibility of making sure personnel selections meet state standards and benefits the district with their educational experience” (Walters, 2011). “The district superintendent as a stakeholder also makes important decisions in matters such as new school construction, the districts finance, and a major part of the curriculum and teaching that goes on in the schools of the district” (Walters, 2011). “The district superintendent has other responsibilities that include creating long-term plans for technology, educational delivery, and district growth” (Walters, 2011). The parent as a stakeholder holds the responsibility of making sure that their child will receive a quality education and allow them to live productive lives in a global society. A student as stakeholders allows them to receive a proper education and make sure that they do everything in their power to become educated and succeed in their…...

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