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Problem Statement Worksheet - Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Sharon Manago
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Strategy Planning
MGT 510
Dr. Janice Spangenburg
October 2, 2012

Problem Statement Worksheet - Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Introduction | In 2008, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. have failed to ensure a sustainable safety environment, put in place a health program, and maintain adequate record keeping on work-related injury and illnesses claims for certain locations in the state of Ohio. This employer has been made aware of OSHA requirements for its industry and has been cited many times for similar infractions. OSHA regulators have imposed stiff penalty fines that have cost Lowe’s Companies Inc. thousands of dollars. The record-keeping violations at the southwest Ohio stores were willful and intentional because the company had failed to correct the problems after OSHA found similar violations at the stores in the southern part of Ohio (Lewis, 2011). | Problem Statement | There are record-keeping violations for failure to report employee injuries and illnesses within Lowe’s Companies, Inc. located 24 southern and southwest Ohio stores. Since 2008 to 2009 the Federal agency has issued citations with fines totaling $110,000. This is a problem because Lowe’s continually fail to document and report employee injuries and illnesses, and the number of repeated violations by OSHA standards and regulations continue to increase and costing Lowe’s money in penalty fees (Nolan, 2010). There were an estimated 13 alleged safety violations and 10 of them were repeated (Sheppard, 2011). | Purpose of the Practical Research Study | According to OSHA records the cost to Lowe’s for failure to maintain adequate records of their employees will cost Lowe’s $10,000 per citation or violation. The real problem is not the impact of the penalty fees and violation costs to Lowe’s but the failure to…...

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...problems are the proverbial survivors in their respective industries. Sometimes, it means sharing of said solutions with a group in order to receive a more 'well-rounded' GROUP SOLUTION.. 6. COMPETITION makes for a healthy market for the consumer because they get CHOICES, thus causing business to drive down costs and COMPETE for business. In high-competition areas, you will see lower prices and a more welcome attitude. An example of low competition is what I said earlier about ULTIMATUMS. They would increase. An example of high competition is HOME DEPOT vs. LOWE'S. You can literally see the comparisons and contrasts that make this a high competition: 1. If you see a Home Depot, you will see a Lowe's nearby. 2. The layout will be the same to account for stolen customers. 3. Color scheme is setup to best remind the customer who is who. Home Depot is bright orange, a fall color and natural wooden color. Lowe's is blue-ish, possibly to aid in a proactive "Improving Home Improvement" atmosphere. ~~~~~~~~ Because of these, you can possibly see where principle must be maintained in order to uphold said "by-laws". Within oneself is the ability to create solutions and move an entire group forward. After all, who is going to police the "by-laws" of a business, if not for each other.....

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...integrity and professionalism ("Lowes Companies Code Of Ethics", 2012). When it comes to high standards and the importance of accurate record keeping in the financial environment, Lowes outlines its expectations in its codes of ethics: “The integrity of financial reporting by public companies represents the foundation of the United States securities markets on which Lowe's common stock and other securities are traded. All books, records, accounts and other financial information prepared by Employees that are the building blocks of Lowe's external financial reporting must be reasonably detailed, must accurately reflect transactions and events and must conform to applicable legal and accounting requirements. Lowe's has established and maintains a system of internal controls over financial reporting that consists of policies and procedures designed and operated to provide reasonable assurance about the reliability of the company's financial reporting and its process for preparing and fairly presenting financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States. This system includes Lowe's policies and procedures for maintaining accurate and complete accounting records, authorizing receipts and disbursements and the safeguarding of assets” ("Lowes Companies Code Of Ethics", 2012). Employees are encouraged to report questionable conduct to the appropriate people within company. The company also outlines a complaint procedure......

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...Ethics and Compliance for Lowe's Corporate ethics and compliance with financial regulations are crucial for the success of companies in today’s marketplace. Organizations thus find themselves defining and outlying their policies to ensure business is conducted ethically. Organizations which are involved in the financial markets in the United States also must outline their policies and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with all Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) rules and regulations. This includes providing complete and accurate information in their financial reporting so that investors can make informed decisions when considering investing in a particular company. One company that does all of the above is Lowe’s Companies Inc. Lowe's, its board of directors, executive leadership team, and stakeholders take ethics and compliance seriously and their committed to protecting their culture of integrity (Lowe's, 2012). The board of directors oversees the sound governance practices that have guided the success of the organization for decades. Through constructive engagement with management and shareholders, and informed by their core values, the board provides oversight and counsel that strengthens the culture of integrity, accountability, and responsible business practices (Lowe's, 2012). “The Company has a share repurchase program that is executed through purchases made from time to time either in the open market or through private transactions. The Company......

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...Lowe's Companies, Inc. Sued for Race Discrimination http://www.eeoc.gov/press/3-24-04.html The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 24, 2004 CONTACT: Katharine W. Kores, Regional Attorney (901) 544-1051 Faye Williams, Supervisory Trial Attorney (901) 544-0088 Deidre Smith Senior Trial Attorney (901) 544-0140 TTY: (901) 544-0112 LOWE'S COMPANIES, INC. SUED FOR RACE DISCRIMINATION EEOC Litigation Says Home Improvement Giant Rejected Qualified Black Job Applicants MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced the filing of a race discrimination lawsuit under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act against Lowe's Companies, Inc., doing business as Lowe's Home Center's Inc. The suit charges the world's second largest home improvement retailer with failing to hire a class of qualified African American applicants due to their race at its Reload Distribution Center in Vonore, Tenn. The EEOC's lawsuit, Civil Action No. 3-04-CV-133, in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Knoxville Division, charges that Curtis Carter, Tiffany Carter, and a class of African Americans, all qualified applicants, were denied positions in Lowe's Reload Distribution Center between 2002 and 2003 because of their race. The EEOC filed suit after exhausting its conciliation efforts to reach a voluntary pre-litigation settlement. The lawsuit asks the court to order the company to provide back pay,......

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...Lowe’s By You April 21st, 2014 University of Phoenix ECO-365 Introduction In the United States there are two major players in the home improvement industry. The biggest in The Home Depot. The other, while smaller having 502 less stores, is still a giant of the industry (Cramer, 2013). Through the recession Lowe’s stood while well The Home Depot fumbled. Lowe’s faces competition from opponents other than just The Home Depot as it expands beyond America. As Lowe’s seeks to enter the Canadian and Australian markets it will encounter more diversity than it has experiences so far. The complexities of doing business abroad and opening stores afar will become even more apparent as their international tactics change. Despite the challenges Lowe’s should expand further to become an even bigger player both nationally and globally. Global Competition’s Impact on Lowes In 2009, Lowes had 1,710 stores found throughout Canada and United States, 16 of these found outside the United States, with three stores in Mexico that opened in 2010, allowing for their exposure to bring them to a new level of sales internationally. (“Lowes Companies”, 2012) After much research it is found five competitors could impact Lowes, the #2 home improvement dealer in the world (Racine, 2012), but on different levels. The first competition is the main competition of Lowes, Home Depot, #1 in the world since 2005, (“Lowes Companies”, 2012) is expanding its sales by bringing in more......

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...Lowe’s Companies is worlds the second largest home improvement retailer and its individual customers such as homeowners and renters are shopping for supplies to complete a wide array of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. A large portion of Lowe’s customers are professional customers such as construction and trade, maintenance and repair. In 1989 Lowe’s pursued an aggressive growth strategy by replacing its smaller stores with larger warehouse stores. Lowe’s also expanded into new markets, through both internal growth and acquisition. The Lowe’s headquarters is located in Mooresville, North Carolina. It grew from a small hardware store called “Lowe's North Wilkesboro Hardware” that opened in 1921 to what it is known as today. By 1945, Mr. Lowe’s son Jim and son-in-law H. Carl Buchan were running the stores. Lowe’s was founded in 1946 and Buchan bought out Jim Lowe in 1956, but retained the family name so as to keep the catchy slogan, “Lowe’s Low Prices.” Buchan quickly set out to expand the company’s territory by opening new stores in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Lowe’s currently operates 1,835 home improvement and hardware stores across North America. In 2013, company revenues totaled $53.4 billion. (Merrill Lynch) A typical Lowe’s store stocks approximately 40,000 items with hundreds of items available through special order. Some of those items include appliances, lumber, paint, millwork, building materials, lawn & landscape products, flooring......

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...definitely don't attract females like myself, Lowe's is even better at that. Opportunities: Being the only big-box retailer to offer a number of other exclusive, high quality products such as Prego laminate flooring, Ralph Lauren paints, and Vigoro fertilizers gives Home Depot the competitive advantage. Serving primarily to do-it-yourselfers, which is a largely recession-proof market. So, even during a recession Home Depot can survive and even make money. Offering a broad line of products that can lead to an increase in the number of customers. Threats: The biggest threats that I see for Home Depot are its competitors such as Lowe's, which are trying to emulate or even take a step further every strategy used by Home Depot. Wholesale outlets can also affect Home Depot by offering lower prices to professional business customers. Serving to the DIY industry can also be a threat because it is a very competitive industry and the profit margin is very low. So, if the DIY industry is not managed properly, a company might end up selling it off , like Kmart with Builders Square. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Threats of New Entrants-LOW I think that this industry is close to reach maturity and the existing companies such as Home Depot and Lowe's have been around and successful for a long time in this industry, so it would be very costly and risky for a new entrant to compete against these "monsters". Rivalry Among Existing Firms-HIGH Lowe's, Payless Cashways, Menard's......

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