Lucifer's Spoils

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Lucifer’s Spoils
(Chinese version in English) One sunny day Wong and his wife Ling were planning on going camping. Wong brought his nephew, Chow, and his niece, Ming. They were all excited to share this experience together. As they arrived at the woods they unloaded the car.
“We should hurry, for we only have so much sunlight left,” said Wong.
They hiked for three miles paying close attention to the GPS. They found where they wanted to set up camp at for the night. Wong went out to gather wood for a fire, Ling and the kids stayed and set up camp, As time passed, Wong started to get a bad vibe about the woods. Ming screamed when she walked into a spider web. Thirteen giant spiders slowly walked toward her. Wong arrived in a hurry. He grabbed one of his sticks and fought them off. After he defeated the spiders, he checked on Ming to see if she was okay. Neither of them had seen spiders of such size. As it was getting dark outside, Wong tried to carry on the night eating, joking, and telling stories around the fire.
Wong was dead silent because he still had a bad feeling about these woods. He told his family he would be back and that he had to use the restroom. He then went roaming around the woods and thought he saw a flash of movement ahead of him. Wong tripped and fell over something, about 50 yards away from camp. He looked around and discovered it was an old cemetery with a skeleton. It was half way buried with its finger pointing behind him. So he turned around and saw bodies nailed to the trees that formed in a circle. In the center he saw a pentagram with a bull skull and a human skull inside.
Wong realized that Lucifer, otherwise known as “Wu-Tang”, was standing right before him. Wong simply asks,
“What do you want from me?”
Wu-Tang looked at him and said,
“If you wish to live, you have one night to give me one soul. If you do not bring me a…...

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