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Why College Education Is Important to Me?
There is no doubt that a college or university education is extremely valuable to an individual who is striving to improve his career and the life of his family. Statistics and data put together by numerous independent organizations have verified the value of a college degree for many years. Parents have been repeating the mantra of “go to college” to their children for decades, but I believe a stronger message will be sent if my children see me go to college and witness how I benefit from it. A college degree has become vitally important to my personal employment situation, because after thirteen years serving as a police officer for another city, I have recently taken a job as an officer in my own community, and where as a college degree was not a prerequisite for promotion at my previous department, it is a requirement at my new department. If I desire to move up the ranks, then I’ll need to obtain a college education.
For the betterment of my family’s future, and for my own future, I am proceeding towards that goal of obtaining a promotion. I have known and understood the importance of a college education for my whole adult life, but due to my employment situation, the energy and time required to achieve a college education did not mesh with my immediate realities – until this moment in my life. Now the reality is that if I wish to experience all of the benefits that go along with a promotion, I must challenge myself to find the time and energy needed to work full-time and get an education. Fortunately, finding myself at a new department with new colleagues and supervisors to impress, has given me the drive and the inspiration I need to put in the hard work that is always necessary when bettering yourself.
My goals and dreams – with reference to a college degree – are driven by more than my own personal career…...

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