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Advanced Culinary P&P1 | Magic Box and Menu Design | Paper 215014 |

Lyle Robertson 1111431

Contents Introduction 3 Summary 3 Menu 4 Menu Overview 5 Ingredients list and Usage 9 References & Word Count: 11

The essence of a Magic box is to show culinary skills and creativity in producing a dish that has complimentary and balanced flavours. This dish is created from a list of ingredients with emphasis on texture, colour, taste, balance, nutrition and presentation. With this criteria in mind I set out to produce two menu items, one entree and one main, that utilised as many ingredients as possible from the list provided and that encompassed the above elements.
Starting with the listed proteins as the central components to each dish, I then took into consideration the season and how best I could utilise my strengths. Inspired by the composition of a dish from La Chapelle, London I began with my entree and developed a concept using the lighter of the two proteins the John Dory and Scampi.
To create my main dish, I explored the best cooking method suited for the cut of meat available, the beef cheeks. I then made the decision that beef cheeks are best braised as this enhances the flavour of the meat and ensures it is tender. With my cooking technique selected I then utilised the list of ingredients available to build and create flavours that would compliment this.
This report will set out to provide further insight into the composition of each of these dishes from this point. Furthermore it will provide an analysis of the ingredients used in relation to the mentioned elements of texture, colour, taste, balance, nutrition and presentation.
The main points of this report will cover * A clear description of the two dishes, entree and main, in menu format. * A detailed overview of the…...

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