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IMF Country Report No. 15/58

March 2015

Under Article IV of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement, the IMF holds bilateral discussions with members, usually every year. In the context of the 2014 Article IV consultation with Malaysia, the following documents have been released and are included in this package:

The Staff Report prepared by a staff team of the IMF for the Executive Board’s consideration on February 13, 2015, following discussions that ended on November 24,
2014, with the officials of Malaysia on economic developments and policies. Based on information available at the time of these discussions, the staff report was completed on
January 23, 2015.

An Informational Annex prepared by the IMF.

A Press Release summarizing the views of the Executive Board as expressed during its
February 13, 2015 consideration of the staff report that concluded the Article IV consultation with Malaysia.

A Statement by the Executive Director for Malaysia.

The document listed below has been or will be separately released.
Selected Issues Paper

The policy of publication of staff reports and other documents allows for the deletion of market-sensitive information.
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January 23, 2015


Near-term outlook. Prospects for Malaysia’s well diversified economy are favorable

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