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Element of competency:
1. Allocate work
2. Assess performance
3. Provide feedback
4. Manage follow-up
How can you plan a work schedule?
Being effective in your workplace means getting a job done with the least amount of time and fuss. To do this you will need to:
 Identify what work needs to be done
 Identify what resources (people and equipment) you need to complete the work.
How do you know what work needs to be done?
It is a good idea to keep track of the work you need to do by making a list of all the tasks and duties you and your work team must complete.
Make sure your list includes not only obvious jobs such as orders that need to be filled, but also less obvious jobs such as maintaining equipment, cleaning and preparing for the job. These tasks may seem minor, but can cause big problems if they are forgotten.
Whose job is it?
One of the difficulties of identifying your work tasks is knowing what work you are responsible for and what is the responsibility of others.
You should be clear about what you need to do and what other people can be expected to do. This requires a good deal of communication between your workers and workers in other areas. Always check before you assume that a task is someone else‟s responsibility.
BSBMGT502B Manage people performance March 2008 Version 1 Page 4 of 35
What resources will you need?
What resources you need will depend on how much work you have to do, and what type of work it is. Some jobs require special equipment and skills so you will need to arrange these things well in advance.
Once you have decided what jobs you need to do, estimate what people and equipment you will need to complete them. Make sure you have enough people with the right skills and the correct operating equipment before you start work each day.
How can you best manage your work…...

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