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From: Johnathan W. Cypher

To: Management

RE: Web Conferencing Program

I would like to quickly discuss the web conferencing program that I feel will benefit the company not just in the cost of using, but the amount of features this program allows. The program I feel fits what we need is the Infinite Conferencing Program made by Infinite. For only $35 dollars we could have up to 1 thousand colleagues conferencing all at once. The program is easy to use and doesn't take long to learn. They have live help if you run into any problems. This program is recommended by many top ranking companies. The only downside to this program is it doesn't have embedded video which isn't a major factor for what we need it for. The program also offers the ability to have impromptu meetings or carefully planned conferences. In my research this program was the best fit and the reviews really made me decide this is the one we want.

Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

Johnathan W. Cypher

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