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The Mango clothing company

The Spanish company was founded in the 1980 by Isak Andic. He was inspired by a fruit with a sour taste and which is the name in almost every country. Mango is the second largest exporter of the Spanish clothing company. It has more than 2415 shops on five continents. Also, Mango opens 150 new shops every year.

Isak Andic founder of the Mango. He was born in 1955. Andic and his brother started to selling hand- Embroider t-shirt and clogs. Andic’s family emigrated from Turkey to Barcelona, Spain in 1969. Isaak Andic and his brother Nahman Andic started to selling hand-Embroidered t-shirt and clogs. They opened their own Isaak Jeans shop in Marcelona and Madrid.

The first store opened in the Paseo Gracia in Barcelona in 1984.
In 1992, the 100 stores opened.
In 1997, for the first time in the company’s history, the sales abroad were higher than the national sales.

The company’s Motto:
Huge companies don’t just “play” with tangible goods, but want to be a living part of a culture.

Department for Expansion: The main task is to represent the company to the outside world by opening new shops all over the world.
Department for Import/Export: The task is to coordinate and control the distribution of the goods, starting at the suppliers to the company, and from the company to the shops all over the world.
PR Department: This department is in constant contact with fashion magazines, newspapers, etc. How to attract the customers by media.

On 24th april 2013, the eight story Rana Plaza commercial building collapsed in Savar , the capital of Bangladesh. There were at least 1127 people died and over 2438 people were injured.


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