Marketing Design and Innovation

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Marketing, Strategy and Enterprise

Marketing Design and Innovation
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Marketing, Strategy and Enterprise

Marketing Design and Innovation
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Contents Acknowledgement: 3 Reflective Essay 4 The Apple IPhone line 5 The Introduction of the IOS Operating System 6 The IPhone 1 matches up to expectations 7 The Marketing Genius of IPhone 1 7 The Benefits of the IPhone series and how the customers take advantage from them: 8 The Uniqueness of the Apple IPhone Line 10 The Brand Appeal of Apple IPhone Series 11 Conclusion: 13 Bibliography 14


I would like to start this document by thanking all my instructors who played a vital role in ensuring that I had the necessary knowledge to attempt this assignment successfully. I would also like to thank my fellow students who not only supported me morally throughout the course of this assignment but also took on the duty of completing the proof reading process of this assignment and pointing out small typing errors and general grammatical deficiencies.
I would also like to thank my parents who supported me entirely in the course of this assignment.

Reflective Essay

The company that I have chosen for this assignment is Apple. Apple is one of the largest technological giants of the world with products ranging from LED televisions to Smart Phones. In this particular assignment, we will be focusing on the Smart Phone line of Apple.
Apple is embroiled in a technological battle with Apple, Nokia, HTC, Sony and other famous Mobile Phone manufacturers for the dominance of the market. This means that the company invests millions of dollars into the research and development of new products so that they can out-think their competitors and capture the market.
I have chosen this particular company because they are a very popular company with a huge…...

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...公民社会 | CIVIL SOCIETY Design anD social innovation 设计与社会创新 文 Article > 殷雯婷 Yin Wenting 当我们还在纠结于用设计增加商业产品 附加值时, 许多国家已经将设计应用到社 会创新层面来引领社会趋势, 解决社会 问题。 >由 “重要设计” 推出的 “Neonurture” 婴儿保温箱(图片来源: Design that Matters官方网站) 何谓社会创新? 社会创新(Social Innovation)这一说法, 在 1960年代开始出现, 之后被改革者、 社会学家 等开始讨论。 在21世纪后, 这股风潮已从学术 界吹到了社会, 并开始盛行。 这点我们从政策 决策者的一系列行动中可以看到: 欧盟建立着 重于社会创新的发展策略研究, 美国政府在白 宫建立社会创新办公室。 关 于 社 会 创 新 的 定 义 ,在 欧 洲 委 员 会 (European Commission)的官方网站上将 其定义为 “为更有效地解决社会需求和建立 新的社会关 系或合作的新想法, 这些想法涉 及 产品、服务和模 型, 其创新的结果 和手段 都是社会化的” 斯坦福大学出版的《斯坦福 。 社会创新评论》 (Stanford Social Innovation Review)2008秋季刊上发表的《重新发现社 会创新》 (Rediscovering Social Innovation) 一文, 则将其定义为 “以解决一个社会问题为 目的的创新解决方案, 这些方案可以比现有 方案更有效、 可持续化, 并且可以让其创造的 价值为整个社会, 而非个人增长” 。 设计与社会创新的天然联系 随着当代创新对于交叉学科、 领域合作的要 求, 政治家、 经济学家、 社会学家等也需要各 领域人才一起合作来找到社会创新的出路。 通 过一个政策方案, 为解决某个社会问题提 供 资 金、人 力后, 只有通 过 提 供 公 共服务系 统、 产品等一系列的措施, 才能改善或解决社 会问题进而带来社会创新。 因此, 在这个具体 的实施过程中, 如何提供直指目标的公共服务 系统和产品是关键所在。 而设计, 最重要的存在价值之一就是改善或解 决生活中的问题。 化解普通 打火机易受气 压 和低温影响问题的ZIPPO打火机、继 承努美 阿土著的风俗人文而又大胆创新的吉巴欧文 2013.08 | 187 三边联谈 | TRIPARTITE > “H项目设计” 工作室为伯蒂乡村学校(Bertie Country School)做的整体设计(图片来源: Project H Design官方网站) 化中心、 根据人们认知特点谨慎应用色彩和商 标的无印良品标识系统等, 都是产品设计、 建 筑设计、 平面设计领域中探索问题的起因、 现 象、 本质, 然后有针对性地进行改良和设计的 成功案例。 它们的经久不衰, 是其存在价值的 最好体现。 事实上, 根植于现实, 希望为人们解决现实问 题的设计与致力于解决社会问题的社会创新, 在动机上是有一定重合的, 尤其当设计指向的 现实问题与社会问题相一致或紧密联系时。 通常设计师们的视角往往更加注重于解决方 案, 因此, 他们是提供联系大众和政策的公共 服务系统和产品的最佳候选人之一。 188 | ART AND DESIGN | Vol.164 面对社会创新这个大课题, 设计的角色定位到 底在哪里? 换一句话说, 设计师可以怎样建立......

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...Marketing and Innovation, the same fate. Sandor Luis Miranda. Student Number: 20145716003 ABSTRAC In this paper a literature review on the development of the innovation process in the course of the years and the importance of SMEs for the same is made. Turn reference to the relevance of the innovation process presented in the marketing strategy of companies to succeed in an increasingly dynamic, demanding and competitive market is. The article also different classifications of innovation are explained according to their degree of implementation, degree origin effect of innovation and its origin, as well as generations or models that have characterized the process of innovation over time. Key words: Innovation, Marketing, Management INTRODUCTION. In an era of globalization and high competitiveness of products, as it is in the changing world of marketing you need to be alert to the demands and expectations of the market, it is vitally important innovation factor. Competitiveness and the need to innovate to continue and grow in the current and future market are concepts used daily in many institutions. The marketing of innovation is a novel approach to technology management to solve the problem of linking research, technological development and the world of new business efficiently. Innovation and marketing are, in competitive markets today, two fundamental tools for business differentiation. Two tools capable of supporting a company as a market leader. The...

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... Introduction Today more than ever before, marketing is the steward of the entire customer journey and building a bond with customers wherever they are. Marketing is in the driver’s seat but with that power comes responsibility and pressure for marketers to be exceptional. But, in a crowded space it’s harder and harder to be exceptional. In today’s world marketing is crowded and your audience is constantly bombarded with marketing messages. You find yourself facing the challenge of how you can break through the noise. To accept the challenge and excel in marketing you need to embrace the shift from talking at people to engaging with people, and work to build meaningful, life-long and personal relationships. In order to build those relationships you will have to shift how you think about and how you do your marketing. You need to be innovative. This ebook explores innovation in today’s marketing world. It will show you how marketers think about, foster, and deploy innovation in their organizations and are making the shift from mass marketing to the new era of engagement marketing. “Times have already changed; customer engagement is the new battle ground on which we will be measured.” —  REW NICHOLSON, CEO, D OGILVYONE DNX 01 Key Take-Aways As part of Marketo’s 2014 Marketing Nation Roadshow Tour, we surveyed the attendees at the London stop about innovation in marketing and the state of innovation in their organization. Survey participants...

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...menjalankan perniagaan mereka, dan bagaimana mereka menggunakan kemahiran usahawan perniagaan untuk kejayaan perniagaan. 2)Latar Belakang Usahawan Usahawan yang kami pilih ialah Encik Muhammad Amzari bin Md Husain. Beliau telah dilahirkan pada 26 april 1982 dan pada tahun ini beliau berumur 31 serta berstatus bujang. Beliau berbangsa melayu dan beragama islam. Beliau berasal dari 1007, Jalan Balairaya, Felda Tenang, 85300 Labis, Johor . Beliau berjaya menghabiskan pendidikan sehingga mendapat kelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Media & Komunikasi di Universiti Malaya (2006). Beliau pernah berkhidmat selama dua tahun iaitu dari tahun 2006 hingga 2008 sebagai Pengurus Operasi dan Pemasaran di EASY FAST MARKETING. Usahawan ini melibatkan diri dalam bidang perniagaan Kraftangan Kayu Larik pada 3 mac 2009. Nama syarikat yang telah didaftarkan oleh Encik Amzari ialah PERMATA ILHAM LARIK ENTERPRISE. Perniagaan perusahaan ini berbentuk kedai atau bengkel. Perusahaan Kraftangan kayu larik ini dijalankan di Labis , Johor yang beralamat 1007, Jalan Balairaya , Felda Tenang, 85300 Labis Johor. Sejarah bermula dengan pembukaan bengkel membaiki basikal dipercayai berlaku sekitar tahun 1980-an, dibuka oleh generasi pertama, di Parit No.4 setelah berhenti pencen sebagai tukang kebun di Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Parit No.5. Menjadikan perniagaan sebagai satu mata pencarian untuk menjana pendapatan. Selain berkebolehan......

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...When and how to co-create with customers? Content 1.  Appendix D: Transcript symbols1. Introduction 2 2. Description of the Cases 3 2.1 ‘Mensen Zeggen Dingen’ (MZD) 3 2.2 HEMA Design Competition 4 3. Method 4 4. Findings 5 4.1.1 Analysis MZD 5 4.1.2 Analysis HEMA 7 4.2 Advantages of Co-Creation 8 4.3 Disadvantages of Co-Creation 9 5. Conclusion 10 6. Managerial implications and further research 10 References 11 Appendices 12 Appendix A: Transcription interview MZD (In overleg met docent) 12 Appendix B: Transcription Interview Price Winner Design competition HEMA 13 Appendix C: E-mail correspondence HEMA 18 Appendix D: Transcription symbols 20 1. Introduction Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for innovative products. Innovative products have several benefits. One of these is that it facilitates the enhancement of an organisation’s market orientation. Besides, it is needed in order to differentiate itself from their competitors. Lastly, innovation is required in order to achieve long-term performance which ultimately leads to the survival of an organisation (Lecture 1, 2015). Due to this increasing demand, organisations choose more frequently to involve their consumers in the new product development (also known as co-creating). In this report, co-creation was defined as: ‘Any collaborative activity in which one or more customers actively contribute to a new product development process’ (O’Hern and Rindfleisch 2009, p...

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