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X. Executive Summary X
1. Introduction 1
2. Current Marketing Situation 1-4
2.1. Macro-Environment - Demographic Environment 1
2.2. Macro-Environment - Technological Environment 2
2.3. Macro-Environment - Economic Environment 2
2.4. Macro-Environment - Political Environment 2
2.5. Micro-Environment - Competitors 2
2.6. Micro-Environment – Customers 3
2.7. SWOT Analysis 3
2.7.1 Strength 3
2.7.2 Weakness 3
2.7.3 Opportunities 4
2.7.4 Weakness 4
3. Objectives and Issues 4-5
4. Marketing Strategy 5-6
4.1. Segmentation & Targeting 5
4.2. Differentiation & Positioning 5
5. Marketing Mix 5-8
5.1. Product 5
5.1.1. Individual Product Management 5 Product Features 5 Product Quality 7 Branding and Labelling 7 Product Support Services 8
5.2. Promotion Strategies 8-10
5.2.1. Target Audience 8
5.2.2. Promotion Message 8
5.2.3. Promotion Channels 8 Direct Marketing 8 Advertisement 9 Discounts 10 After Sales Services 10
5.3. Pricing Strategies 10-11
5.3.1. Market Penetration Pricing 10
5.3.2. Cost-Based Pricing 11
5.3.3. Contingency Plans: Price-Adjustment Strategies 11
5.4. Placing/Distribution Strategies 11-12
5.4.1. Retailing 11
5.4.2. Wholesaling 12
6. Controls 12-13
7. Action Plan 13-14
7.1. Pre-Launch Action 13
7.2. During-Launch Action 13
7.3. Post-Launch Action 14
8. Budgeting 14-15
9. Conclusion 15
A. Appendixes A1-14
B. References R-1-2
X. Executive Summary
Samsonite is introducing a new product, Lite-Tracker, to provide consumers with ease of access via Near Field Communication (“NFC”) tags and devices while also allowing tracking of any lost or stolen luggage.
This decision is arrived at after conducting a study on the current marketing situation which comprises the macro-environmental factors; Demographic, Technological, Economic…...

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