Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Learning Team B
Monique Hickley, Marvin Ray, Richard Brannen, Alonzo Julian, and Coral Nelson
May 13, 2013
Joseph Tradii

Marketing Your Business Marketing a business brings several components into operation. If a business wants to achieve success it must examine and capitalize on those components. A restaurant business must understand that importance of those major areas of marketing. Marketing a business takes time and accomplishment but when a business tend to maximize on key aspects of marketing that business tends to flourish and challenges any competition.
Distribution Channels The number of hands involved when getting products to the end consumer can vary depending on how many producers, wholesalers, and retailers are involved in the channel (Entrpreneur Media, Inc., 2013). Unless the business concept is completely new, most industries have distribution channels involving purchasing goods through wholesalers and producers already in place. In other words, the business does not get to choose the distribution channel, the channel is already chosen for the business (Schindehutte, Morris, & Pitt, 2009, p. 237). Although the business concept presented here follows the traditional restaurant distribution channels in needing products, one of the biggest differences is not in the supplies needed but rather who some of the suppliers are. The restaurant will need to have traditional suppliers for some goods but the majority of the food and other supplies will come from non-traditional sources such as grocery stores, catering services, and other restaurants. The goods received from these suppliers also differ from traditional supplies because most of the products are considered leftovers and need to be used as soon as possible. Because the restaurant concept relies heavily on donations of food and other goods…...

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