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Purchseing Procedure |No. 编号: | |
|Effective Date 生效日期: Jan.01,2011 |Supersedes 代替: |Total Page(s): 8 |
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|Prepared By 制订: |Approved By批准: |Distribute To分发至: |
|Acting Director of Finance & Business Support |General Manager |All Department Heads |
|财务总监 |总经理 |各部门经理 |

OBJECTIVE: To ensure completeness of and control over all purchases made by the Hotel.
目标: 保证酒店所有采购的完整并对其控制。


1. All purchases must be made through purchasing department. 所有采购必须通过采购部进行。

2. Department Heads may assist the purchasing department in reviewing the specifications and quality of the items to be purchased but should not deal directly with the suppliers. 部门经理可协助采购部检查采购项目的规格和质量,但不应直接应对供应商。

3. All purchases must be initiated by way of Purchase Request or Market List for food items. 所有采购应以采购申请单或市场采购单(食品项目)的形式启动。


(1) All purchases should be initiated by the requesting Departments by way of Purchase Request in CHECK EAMsystem. 所有采购应由使用部门在CHECK EAM系统里填交采购申请单。

(2) The Department Head must approve in the system when submit the purchasing request. 在采购申请单提交管理层审批前部门经理都应在系统里批准。

(3) After the approval of the Department Head, the Purchase Request is to be submitted to the Purchasing Department for processing and sourcing for quotations. Three quotations are needed for each item in the Purchase Request except for…...

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