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Reflection on Media
Charles J Hutchins
Rockies University: ORG 6499 Cultural Diversity & Individual Differences
Dr. Susan Spero
Monday September 3rd, 2012

Stereotyping is seen every day in America from the mother with eight children and no husband to the Jewish person who is a rapper. These stereotypes are a perception as to what people think of you and not what you think of yourself. Someone may never understand or even know the mother of eight stories but assume it deals with a bad ending. With the Jewish rapper no one will ever hear his lyrics because they will never get over his “Yamaka” he wears for religious belief (Bucher, 2010).

Reflection on Media
The perception to the way in which we receive and interpret information from any of our senses is the way we view others within society. The ability to perceive someone just because of their religion, lifestyle and or color is something many people try to cover up but sometimes the reality shows. Looking over the collage made about the Muslim religion there are some perceptions that could be used in a positive but also a negative way. The positive outcome of the collage consists of: The ability to have the courage to not only get an education in the United States but decide to get your education in a Catholic College. In the article “Muslims From Abroad Are Thriving in Catholic College” This young lady could have applied and attend any university she desired to enrolled at the University of Dayton, a Roman Catholic school, and she says it suits her well (PÉREZ-PEÑA, 2012).
Another positive aspect of the collage is the fact Muslims are not holding their talents back but moving forward and moving into corporate America. The ability to have Muslims on Wall Street not only diversify Wall Street but bring hope to the younger generation in an aspect of live your dreams and let no one stop…...

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