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Pre-Mediation Information Gathering and Client Intake

Unit 3 Assignment: Pre-Mediation Information Gathering and Client Intake
Latanisha Sawyer
Kaplan University
PA415: Family Law and Divorce Mediation
Prof: Ally Howell

Pre-mediation Questions: 1. What mutual concerns do David and Angela have? What are their individual concerns?

A mutual concern of David and Angela is that they both have lost ambition and this in turn has placed a strain on their marriage. Angela feels as though David has become increasingly distant in their relationship and has accused David of committing adultery. David at the beginning of the relationship was outgoing, but that has since changed placing strain on the relationship. David has denied any allegations of adultery, but feels as though Angela does not try hard enough at her job. Angela works as an accountant, but is very un-happy with her job and whether writes screen plays. 2. How would you, as a mediator, begin to facilitate avenues of communication between Angela and David?

I would first set up an initial consultation and it would be at this time that I would administer the Intake Form. Prior to meeting with the couple separately I would review the Intake Forms. I would screen for abuse, but barring in mind that I cannot mediate the abuse occurrence itself. Should it be found that there was an existence of abuse I would take time with each individual separately to clarify and assess the abuse in the relationship.

If there is no abuse I would then move forward in the process of forming a relationship. I would meet with both parties and would first try to determine whether or not the parties are definitely divorcing or if they are open to reconciliation. This would help to clarify the purpose of mediation. I would also ask questions to gain an understanding of each party’s biggest concerns.…...

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