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A Literature Review: Memory Distortions, Repressed Memories, and Autobiographical Memory

Psych. 560
June 17, 2013
Prof. Pitt

A Literature Review: Memory Distortions, Repressed Memories, and Autobiographical Memory Memory helps to build and shape you into the person that you have become. It allows you to identify people, places that you have been, what things are, when things are supposed to happen or have happened, and it also allows you to piece knowledge together so that you can make perceptions or assumptions as to why things happen the way they do. Your short term memory helps you to recollect things in your present day life while your long term memory stores things for retrieval at a later time. Although you rely on your memory to recount information day to day, there are also instances in which your memory denies retrieval in the way that it was stored or retrieve the information just as you stored it.
Memory distortions, repressed, memories, and autobiographical memory each describe different ways in which your memory responds when you try to recall the information. “Memory distortion refers to a memory report that differs from what actually occurred” (Bernstein & Loftus, 2008). Repressed memories occur when traumatic events are unconsciously recorded in the mind as a defense mechanism to avoid anxiety or other issues that might arise from the occasion. Autobiographical memory suggests that a person retains and retrieves information pertaining to his own life. The articles; The Seven Sins of Memory by Murray (2003), The Recovered Memory Controversy: A New Perspective by Gorman (2008), and Autobiographical Memory and Flexible Proceedings of World Academy of Science: Engineering & Technology by Aizpura & Koutstaal (2010) each give further insight on the memory types as well as how they are encountered.


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