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White Paper on Memory Usage


This paper was written to compare customer environments with regards to memory usage for the Interactive Application running on Metaframe servers in the Hosting environment.

Data Information:
A sample group of servers was chosen at random and the following information was obtained from these servers using two methods. Calculations were made from the both groupings of data, each section will show the calculation methods used. As a best practice on physical machines memory utilization should not exceed 90%. The remaining 10% of unused memory is to manage runaway processes, unexpected errors, less utilization of memory paging swap file, and memory available to avoid a system abort.

1. HP OpenView data collection occurred on 6/17/2008 a. Physical Memory as reported by HP OpenView b. Max Memory used at time of sample c. Memory (MB)Avail from Peak d. 90% of available memory for process use e. Total users at time of sample

2. Hyena System Reporting data collection occurred on 6/23/2008 a. System Processes and memory utilization for each b. Application process requirements for and c. Total memory used for system and application processes d. Total users at time of sample

3. Calculations a. Total memory available after 90% ruled applied b. Total memory available after 90% rule applied with system and application processes subtracted c. Average memory used for system processes d. Average memory used for application per customer e. Potential additional user capacity per customer per server f. Potential customer average per server with 90% of memory used

As of this writing its unknown if HP OpenView has the capability to monitor multiple individual…...

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