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MENILIK ASA SANG PAMONG DESA (Studi Kasus Motivasi Kerja Perangkat Desa di Kabupaten Boyolali)

Diaz Haryokusumo (C2A007040) Andriyani, SE., MM

Rural officer as a person who responsible for goverment task in village, has an importent role to determine the success of society development, because village become a focus object of national development in regional autonomy system. However, in the middle of so many claims in this profession, there is so many problems, especially problems about the prosperity and clarity of their status. The aim of this research is for identify the internal factors that influences motivation of rural officer. The internal factors include working value, the attitude, and the ability that the rural officer have. This research uses qualitative method where the process of collecting data is conducted with interview. The object in this research is the employee who work in village goverment administration with status as a non-civil servant in some district in Boyolali. The result of this research explain that work motivation of rural officer influenced by work values, individual attitudes, and individual ability. Key words: Qualitative, Rural officer, Motivation, Value, Attitude, Ability.


1. PENDAHULUAN Pemerintah sebagai penyelenggara roda pemerintahan diamanatkan oleh UUD 1945 untuk melindungi segenap bangsa Indonesia serta menciptakan kesejahteraan bagi warga negaranya. Susunan pemerintahan dibagi menjadi pemerintah pusat dan pemerintahan daerah yang terdiri dari berbagai tingkat, yaitu tingkat provinsi, kabupaten/kota. Undang-Undang No. 32/2004 membentuk pemerintahan desa sebagai bagian terkecil Pemerintahan Daerah. Bantuk eksistensi pemerintah desa dipertegas dalam Peraturan Pemerintah No. 72/2005 yang khusus mengatur tentang desa. Implikasi dari peraturan ini adalah bentuk pengakuan desa sebagai ujung tombak…...

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