Mercantile Society

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Mercantile society

mercantile society (or commercial society ) is that one society that intends the one accomplishment or more transactions commercial or, generally, a subject activity to Straight mercantile . Civil society is against to .
Like all society, they are beings which the law recognizes legal Personality own and different from its members, and that also counting on own Patrimony, canalizes their efforts to the accomplishment of a lucrative purpose that are common, with vocation like the benefits that are from the realized activities, will be only perceived by the partners.


The old one straight did not know Institution mercantile society with legal personality, the one that is creation of the modern world. Decrees of Bilbao only regulated the collective societies and the silent partners.


In the Mercantile Societies there are three fundamental elements: the social ones, patrimonial and the formal ones:
• Personal element: It is constituted by the partners, people who contribute and reunite their efforts (goods, capitals or works)
• Patrimonial element: It is formed by the set of goods that are contributed to form the share capital, the goods, work, etc.
• Formal element: It is the set of rules regarding the form or solemnity with which one is due to have to the contract that gives rise to the society like a right individuality.


The mercantile Societies can be classified according to several criteria, between which they emphasize the following:
According to the predominance of the elements
• Societies of People: they are the societies in which the personal element predominates. They are the collective societies and in simple silent partnership.
• Intermediate societies: In these societies the predominant element is not very clear. They are the Limited liability company and the Silent partnership…...

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